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Updated covid precautions

Sep 29, 2021

Maitri Studio as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed

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Which class for me?

Aug 24, 2021

How do I choose which class will work for me? Here are some ideas to help!

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Mindfulness based stress reduction with Fiona

Aug 06, 2021

What is mindfulness-based stress reduction and why I trained to teach it...

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Feature Articles

June Foto Jet2

Summer @ Maitri Studio

Jul 09, 2021

What's on in July & August

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Yoga equipment for sale (July 2021 update)

Feb 23, 2021

Yoga equipment for sale at Maitri Studio.

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Online classes for lockdown#3

Feb 18, 2021

Find out what online classes are available with the freelance teachers who would normally be at Maitri Studio.

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Christine Splits Cropped

My Pilates Journey by Christine

Feb 03, 2021

Read about Christine Bowen (Romana’s Pilates teacher Level 5) and her dive into Pilates. It's the dedication of teachers like Christine to their training and ongoing development which makes us love having them at Maitri Studio even more!

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Foto Jet New Iyengar

Book classes online!

Aug 07, 2020

Iyengar-trained teachers offering classes at Maitri through the online booking system - where can you use your passes?

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Asd Stretching With Young Child May 2017

Special Yoga @ Maitri Studio

Aug 06, 2020

Special yoga for people with a variety of additional needs including autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, learning disability/ difficulties and other challenges.

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Maitri Studios 94 Edit

Why try Iyengar yoga?

Jun 17, 2020

Find out how you might benefit from starting Iyengar yoga as a beginner, or in addition to your existing practice.

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Iyengar yoga classes online & in person - sign in details

May 07, 2020

Find out how to take part in the online or in-person classes with Claire, Maura and Eva using your drop-in or multi-class passes

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Foto Jet Online Offerings

Maitri Studio online offerings

Mar 30, 2020

Some Maitri Studio teachers are offering online practice and content for you

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Standing Class 1

Iyengar yoga home practice

Mar 30, 2020

We offer some ideas for home practice for our Iyengar yoga and other students at Maitri Studio

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Foto Jet Maitri2020Collage

The Maitri Collective - a space for freelance teachers

Jan 29, 2020

Find out about how we work at Maitri, providing space for freelance teachers, and how best to get in touch

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Susan Maple

Seniors (60+) give yoga inspiration at Maitri!

Nov 08, 2019

Long time teacher Susan and her students, many of whom are senior citizens, extol the benefits of a yoga practice

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Foto Jet Teacher Trainers

Training opportunities for yoga teachers at Maitri Studio

Oct 13, 2019

There are several opportunities to develop your practice and teaching with us at Maitri Studio

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Foto Jet Ebyfcover

East Belfast Yoga Festival 2019!

Aug 25, 2019

Join us for our second East Belfast's first yoga festival, which we're organising with Yoga Quarter and East Belfast Community Development Agency

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Maitri musings: Isvara pranidhana (merging into love)

Apr 26, 2019

Relax and release into the infinite present

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Maitri musings: svadhyaya (self study)

Apr 11, 2019

Know thyself - understand your tendencies so you can progress in your practice

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Flame Flower Imag1690

Maitri musings: tapas (sustained practice)

Apr 01, 2019

Keeping the inner fires burning, the discipline of tapas in practice

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Clearing Mourne Skies Cr

Inspired by a poem

Feb 27, 2019

When we are still, the answers appear, and we can avoid stepping in the holes!

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Maitri musings: santosha (contentment)

Feb 18, 2019

Finding inner satisfaction, content with who we are and what we have.

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Collage Indigomouse

Local artwork cards for sale (Feb 2019)

Feb 14, 2019

Support local mental health charity with these beautiful cards for your friends

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Clean Beach2

Maitri musings: saucha (purity)

Feb 11, 2019

Finding purity lets joyful awareness and peace arise naturally.

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Maitri musings: aparigraha (non-grasping)

Feb 04, 2019

Practice without expectation of reward is liberating!

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Maitri musings: brahmacharya (right use of energy)

Jan 28, 2019

How do we consider wise use of energy in our lives and practice?

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Maitri musings: asteya (non-stealing)

Jan 21, 2019

Claire considers how we might approach generosity in practice

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Bulreed Head

Maitri musings: find your truth

Jan 14, 2019

Satya: learning to be honest with ourselves

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Window Flowers With Brick Wall

Maitri musings: ahimsa (non-violence)

Jan 07, 2019

Thoughts on bringing non-violence into your practice

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Trees Water

Maitri musings: the yamas and niyamas

Jan 01, 2019

For me, the yamas and niyamas, the first two limbs of Patanjali’s eightfold yoga path, provide structure and perspective

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Winter Candles

Compassion through the darkness to light

Dec 04, 2018

Read Patricia's top tips to get your energy flowing, boost your immune system and find a sense of connectedness this winter. Regain your child-like wonder to be moved by the magic of sparkly lights and crystal snowflakes - no matter how dark and grey the world may seem!

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Claire Teaching Marichyasana1

Practice makes perfect

Aug 20, 2018

Updated: open yoga practice sessions!

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Clairegeoff Meal

The mighty Maitri - finding your calm space starting a business

Jul 12, 2018

Claire and Geoff share their refreshingly honest experience of setting up a new business.

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Maitri Low Res 120

What to look for from your yoga teacher?

Jan 13, 2018

How do you decide which teacher to go to?

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My yoga nature

Feb 21, 2017

Why I feel that practising tree pose is contributing to global, not just personal, sanity and health

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Mount Stewart Flowers

Neil Porteous on attaining perfection in the garden

Feb 22, 2016

An article by Neil Porteous, who shares a gardener's natural optimism about how plants should behave in a new garden design

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Claire Reverse Trikonasana

Resolving to practice

Dec 31, 2015

Already getting nervous about sticking to New Year's resolutions? I am...

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Site  Icon Small 2800x2800 White Nontransparent Background

Behind our logo

Dec 30, 2015

Find out what our logo signifies for us

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Maitri Word Cloud

What's in a name?

Dec 26, 2015

We're often asked about the word maitri: how to pronounce it and what it means

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