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Which class for me?

  • by Claire Ferry - Aug 24, 2021

We're so happy to be welcoming classes back in person at Maitri Studio. You might have been hanging on every announcement waiting for this to happen, or perhaps you're a bit more tentative about getting out and resuming class or trying something new?

Now that you can come out and play, what are you going to choose? Let's see if we can help at all....

Firstly we hope to reassure you that we still take the covid precautions seriously. If you'd like more detail, please read this article.

What time of day?

Are you around in the daytime during the week, or strictly after work? In general the daytime yoga & t'ai chi classes are suitable for all and tend to have a higher proportion of retirees keen to keep moving. This is also when we have parent & baby classes and there are options for 1:1s with individual teachers. Evenings are busy and divided between those who like to come straight after work, avoiding the temptation of staying on the sofa, and those who need a break and a snack before heading out to a later class.

Our advice - choose a time and day that will suit you best so that it'll be easiest for you to stick to the routine of coming to class.

What type of activity are you looking for?

Something lively or more chilled out? Something to get your heart pumping or is it more about relaxing? We've put brief descriptions of each activity on this page. If you're still not sure, especially with all the different styles of yoga, do drop us an email or ring for a chat.

What level - beginners or more in depth?

Most of the classes are mixed level and suitable for beginners. New students are welcomed into the existing group and the teacher will offer adaptations accordingly. However you might prefer a specific beginners class. These are labelled on the timetable.

Within Iyengar yoga, Claire takes two classes to help people progress in their practice once familiar with the use of props and the approach to practice - Level 1 and Level 2.

If you have specific health problems you'd be best contacting the teacher first to check the class is suitable.

Group or 1:1?

Many teachers will offer 1:1 classes if you ask. Sometimes you might want to try this before attending a group class, or maybe it's just you can make the group class time. Contact the teacher through their instructor profile page.

Still not sure?

Nearly all classes offer drop-in options unless it's a specific course or fully booked already. Just try a drop-in! None of us will be offended if you try and decide it's not for you. It's important to find a teacher you connect with if you're going to stick at it.

Another options is to keep an eye out for one-off taster classes or workshops on the events pages. Then you're not committing to anything long term :)

Maitri Studio is a friendly and welcoming place - all our teachers and therapists will be happy to hear from you if you have additional questions. We hope to see you soon.

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