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Susan Maple

Seniors (60+) give yoga inspiration at Maitri!

  • by Claire Ferry - Nov 08, 2019

Susan is a long-standing yoga teacher of many years experience, who has now taught at Maitri Studio for several years. When she's not teaching yoga, she is a busy mother and grandmother who seems to have the energy to travel and support family, host gatherings and still find time for herself.

Susan's morning classes (Tuesday 11.30am and Wednesday 10am) are popular with her many regulars, most of whom are of more mature years. I think Susan once told me the average age of her students in is the 70s, which of course means there are some over 90. That said, the younger people who attend find themselves surprised to discover just how much of a workout the class is, so all ages and levels of fitness absolutely welcome.

As Susan says herself, yoga is not just about the physical activity, although that is of course important especially as we get older. She teaches a general hatha yoga class with asanas (the poses), breathwork, relaxation and plenty of laughter too. As a long-time teacher Susan is very able to modify the poses for students with mobility or health issues, as well as to ensure that everyone is able to challenge themselves. So if a daytime class suits you, whether you work shifts or are freelance, a stay-at-home parent with some hours spare, or retired, do come along and try it.

Some of Susan's students have taken the time to tell us about how important their yoga class is for them, and not just for the physical health benefits.

"I began yoga 33 years ago. I had a forward thinking doctor who suggested I try yoga when I suffered anxiety after my 6th child. I then began at the Robinson Centre where Susan was teaching yoga and I have come to her sessions ever since. I do it to my ability and don't feel I have to compete with others. I have met lovely people in my classes. I feel that it has helped me greatly in life."
"I have been coming to Susan's yoga class for three years. I find that the yoga exercises are very beneficial for various parts of my body and also improve my breathing. I was diagnosed four years ago as having osteoarthritis in my knees and I find that the yoga exercises have helped my movement in my knees in particular"
"Yoga provides a fundamental support to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The yoga class is a central place where we connect with our tribe."

Maitri Studio is well-equipped with mats, bolsters, bricks, belts and blankets to support your practice, and this is noted by students.

"I have been doing yoga for 30 years and I do not think I would be as fit as I am now in my seventies! I recommend Maitri Studio as it supplies all the equipment you requires, and Susan is a wonderful teacher who gives everyone special attention and helps with all our problems."

If Susan's class times don't work for you there are classes suitable for all ages, levels of fitness/mobility, and experience available at Maitri Studio. Contact us if you're not sure: or 028 9099 2428, or just look at our calendar.

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