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Find answers to most of your questions here. If you need to ask something specific then please email:

How do you pronounce Maitri?

Maitri like 'my tree' or to rhyme with 'chai tea'. No doubt a fluent Sanksrit speaker would be able to tell it's not quite accurate, but for our purposes this will suffice!

I'm a beginner to yoga. What's a suitable class?

Any of the classes labelled beginners, general or mixed level are suitable.

If you want a specific beginners course or classes then Monday 7.30pm with Rachel, Tuesday 6pm with Tom, Wednesday 6pm with Claire, Thursday 7.30pm with Louise or Saturday 11.30am with Steven are your options.

The daytime classes are generally more gentle: Monday 10am with Valerie, Tuesday 10am with Claire or 11.30am with Susan, Wed 10am with Rachel or 10am with Susan, and Thursday 10am with Claire. This is also true of Relax & Unwind yoga with Lisa Thursday 6.15pm and yin yoga with Maria (varies).

If you want a more fitness-based higher intensity class then Eva's Core Yoga is for you (Wed 12.30pm, Wed 5.45pm and Fri 7.15am) starting after Easter.

Keep an eye on the events page for specific upcoming beginners courses, but it is not a requirement to do a course before coming along to another class. 

Really the only classes to avoid are those marked 'improvers' or 'intermediate'. If you're in any doubt, contact the class teacher directly. 

How much is a class?

Classes cost different amounts according the length of class and experience of the teacher, and because the teachers are freelance and set their own prices. In general drop-in prices range from £6-9 and block booking £5-7.50. Check the page of the teacher whose class you wish to attend. Aerial yoga is £12 as places are limited to just 8 per class.

What is disabled access like at Maitri Studio?

The ground floor is accessible. There is a ramp available if the step is not manageable. The ramp is 30.5" wide and has a gradient of 5" rise over 19". There is a downstairs toilet with accessible fittings. The Sunflower room (downstairs) and the toilet have doors measuring 31" across. The toilet cubicle dimensions are 48" x 65". There are two banister rails on either side of the stairs for access to the upstairs rooms Maple, Lotus and Lily but no lift.

More details and photographs are available in the pdf. We can provide floor plans on request. 

Maitri Disability Access - (860.62 KB)

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat or other equipment?

Many people prefer to bring their own mats for hygiene reasons or because they have a favourite mat! We have plenty of spares though and we wipe them down with mat spray after class too.

How do I use Tula Software to register for classes?

We are encouraging people on the Iyengar yoga single and 10-class passes to register for the class they wish to attend, to avoid overbooking. We use a studio management system called Tula. If you're on an iPhone or iPad, the Tula Software app is free on the App Store. If you're on android or non-Apple computer then you can access Tula through your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc) at

The easiest way is to visit our classes page and look at the calendar. At the top right you will see an option to log in/create account. If you click on that a pop-up window appears and you can claim your account. It will request a password - if you do not have one yet then click the forgot password button. It may be that we have entered your email address manually which means you're on the system but with no password set. Once that's all set up then you can go in to Maitri Studio on Tula any time and register for classes. 

For some classes you can only register if you have credits, that is active class passes you've already bought. If you've run out, you can buy more, either when you're logged in on Tula, or from our classes page.

You can also de-register from a class if you find you can no longer attend for any reason. 

At the moment we only use this system for the Iyengar classes with Tracy, Claire and Louise and the Saturday 10am class. You can also access the system from Claire's own page, also through her calendar page or by buying passes. 

What should I wear?

In general for physical classes (yoga, pilates, dance etc) you should wear something comfortable and easy to move in, for example leggings or shorts with a t-shirt. It's good to have a warm top for the relaxation at the end. 

Check for modesty to avoid embarrassment. Fashion leggings are often very thin and see-through when stretched...check in a mirror or ask a good friend! Men will often wear cycle or similar lycra shorts under looser fitting shorts. 

Tracksuit trousers are fine but check they are not too long and you could trip over them (we've seen it happen)!

Do you have studio membership?

At the moment we do not have studio membership. This is because the teachers are freelance and rent rooms from Maitri Studio, then arrange their own classes, prices and booking. So you need to contact the individual teacher to book your class or event.

We do have a 10-class pass system for Iyengar yoga, which is valid for classes with Tracy, Claire, Louise and the Saturday 10am class. 

Occasionally we host visiting teachers and will organise payment through us, but that will be made clear on the event description. 

Where do I park? Which bus stops nearby?

There is free on-street parking on The Mount, Castlereagh St and nearby roads. During the day it can get busy as commuters also park here before walking into town, but there's usually somewhere. In the evenings and at weekends it's fine. The car park for The Mount Conference Centre is for people using their facilities only. The attached map shows the bus stops for Metro services 4, 5 and 6 which all stop nearby.

Maitriparkingmap - (335.53 KB)

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