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Maitri Studio on social media

  • by Claire Ferry - Aug 31, 2022

Stay in touch on social media - and help spread the word!

Social media not your favourite thing? Or maybe you love a wee scroll through your phone when you have a minute?

Either way, it's seemingly a necessity for a modern business. We don't have to like the corporate business behind the tech (we don't) and yet we can 'hack the system' to make the most of what can be a helpful tool.

We aim for Maitri Studio to share beauty, kindness and community on our social media presence. We recognise that many of you are there online too and we love to connect with you.

Here are some ways you can make sure you stay in touch with us, and that will (hopefully) help us to interact with more people by influencing the algorithms through your actions.

'Follow' our page on instagram and 'like' our page on facebook - this is the basic step so you can see us

You need to take some additional actions to make it more likely our posts will show up on your newsfeeds. On instagram, the more you interact, the more likely you are to see us. You need to

1) save posts that you like (using the bookmark icon)

2) share posts to your stories (little arrow icon) or to friends in a message

3) comment (little speech bubble) and finally

4) like (heart icon) posts and pictures you enjoy

Adding to 'favourites'

On instagram you also need to click the drop-down arrow after 'following' and select the star by 'add to favourites' - you can even add us to 'close friends' if you wish.

On facebook you need to click the three dots ... and select the 'follow settings' option. Then you can add us to 'favourites' and remember to click 'update'!

We've put some photos below which might help if you're not familiar with all this. There are probably loads of you much better versed than us in all of this technology - feel free to let us know if you have any tips!

We've started a series of 'highlights' on instagram where we will build up collections of posts for regular classes, commonly asked questions, and reels/videos showing what we do. Some of this will also be on facebook and our Google business page. We are on twitter but only have a holding page there which we update once a month with our e-newsletter.

FINALLY - if you love what we do or an experience you've had at Maitri Studio, please leave us a review on facebook, instagram or on our google page. We'd really appreciate it!

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