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Behind our logo

  • Dec 30, 2015

Back in summer 2013, Geoff and I were embarking on the journey that would lead to Maitri Studio. We were on the lookout for premises that might fit the bill in East Belfast. Naively perhaps we thought that commercial estate agents would help, but almost universally this proved not to be the case. We did however find a promising property on Ravenhill Rd.

I was particularly taken when, on ascending the first flight of stairs, the stairwell windows looked down over a Japanese influenced garden with a red maple tree. The perfect ambience for a yoga studio, I thought. 

We had agreed to take on the property verbally and were awaiting papers when it all fell through. There was disappointment, but I decided that perhaps it was for the best and that something else would come along. Over the next few months of vaguely searching, I kept remembering the red maple tree as a beacon of hope. When an unexpected phone call gave rise to us accepting our current premises, it felt right to incorporate that hope. It was also a connection to nature, my earlier career in nature conservation, and the celebration of all living beings. 

Our first logo was drawn by a friend and served us very well. While excited about the prospect of Maitri Studio's website and brand becoming more established and professional, we were nervous about losing our leaf. Thankfully Daryl, our designer, has re-imagined the maple leaf into a roundel, signifying connectedness, the world, sunrise, east Asian influences and even links to the very traditional image of a lotus rising from the mud. 

We endeavour to maintain this simplicity and calm in the studio as well as it is represented by our logo...we hope you agree!

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