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Attending classes at Maitri with coronavirus precautions

  • by Claire Ferry - Jul 02, 2020

The good news...

...Maitri Studio can open from 10th July! And it'll be lovely to see you back in the studio again.

UPDATE: masks are mandatory from 10th August in public buildings - wear one to arrive / leave the studio but you will not need to wear it in class.

What we're doing... make sure we all stay safe and well.

Teachers will start back with in-person classes as they are able to. Check the class calendar for the latest, or with your teachers directly.

We really want to see you again and we want you to feel secure coming to the studio if it's appropriate for you.

This is a personal choice and we know it won't be for everyone. Some teachers will continue online classes for that reason.

We have:

  • designed a queuing system for safe, distanced access and egress of the building
  • installed hand sanitisers
  • provided disposable paper towels and both liquid and solid soap for hand washing
  • supplied tissues for coughs and sneezes in each room, and bins for disposal
  • instituted a thorough cleaning regime after classes, daily and weekly
  • measured mat spacing at 1.5-2m - this is more than the Government's 1m minimum because you are spending time in the room
  • ensured adequate ventilation in every studio
  • spoken to every teacher and therapist who will use Maitri to ensure they are fully aware of all the precautions

What you do...

...your personal responsibility for yourself and our community.

  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have had contact with someone with Covid in the last two weeks. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. If in any doubt, attend online from home or miss a class to recover. If you attend and are found to have covid-19 it has serious consequences for your friends in class and the studio as a whole. Especially take responsibility if you are in the high risk group for infection or live with people who are.
  • Be at the studio at least 15 minutes before class and queue outside.
  • Wear a mask for entering / leaving the studio - you won't need to wear it during class.
  • Be in your yoga clothes already so you don't need to change at Maitri. You might need layers - we will have the windows and doors open for ventilation.
  • Bring all your own equipment - at least a mat, and anything else you need. We sell equipment if you need more.
  • We will let you in about 15 minutes before class so there's time for you to file in while distanced and take up your places.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided (or bring your own).
  • You will walk into the studio, place your mat as instructed by the teacher, and set your shoes, coats, keys/mobile/handbag by your mat in your allotted space.
  • If you bring your water bottle, remember to take it home with you.
  • Toilets will be accessible but to minimise risk go at home/work beforehand!
  • Facemasks optional, as per current government and World Health Organisation advice.
  • Remember, the best advice is still to wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly and not to touch your face.

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