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Updated covid precautions

  • by Claire Ferry - Sep 29, 2021

The headline

is that the government has removed requirements for distancing in "gym" style environments like ours. This leaves it up to premises and teachers to decide what they feel comfortable with.

What we encourage you to do

It'll take a while for us all to feel comfortable in closer proximity I'm sure, so we ask you to be respectful of others and to still wear a mask for entry/exit and in the toilets if you wouldn't mind :)

The main issue is not to attend if you feel unwell - this is common sense and applies whether it's a cold, food poisoning, just being under the weather, or covid. You deserve to take a break and look after yourself to heal, and everyone else deserves not to get your germs!

What we're doing

We still have:

  • hand sanitisers
  • disposable paper towels if you do not wish to use the (regularly washed) hand towels in the toilets
  • both liquid and solid soap for hand washing
  • tissues for coughs and sneezes in each room, and bins for disposal
  • a regular cleaning regime
  • ventilation (windows can be opened) in every studio
  • spoken to every teacher and therapist who will use Maitri to ensure they take the steps appropriate to their class

Please note that you can borrow equipment (mats, blocks, blankets etc) from the studio. Mats are wiped with the alcohol spray at the end of class. The other equipment is no longer set in quarantine as evidence shows that the risk from touching surfaces is negligible. If you would rather bring your own equipment, please do.

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