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Alex Gabrysch

Alex brings weekly Wim Hof Method breathing classes (Wednesdays 7.15pm) and occasional WHM Fundamentals workshops to Maitri Studio

About Alex

Alex is a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor.

Recently gaining certification he has spent the last year training in several different countries.

He has a background in meditation, which led him to also start a unique guided intuition Art class which he runs in Belfast.

Alex is on a committed healing journey. Through his lifelong battle with mental health he had only one choice; to go deep inside the body & mind.

Alex stumbled across the Wim Hof Method 4 years ago through his family; he began to practice on his sofa and in his home and has been hooked ever since.

Alex’s journey has taken him to the Netherlands with Wim in Stroe, at the Winter expedition in Poland and to the Pyrenees in Spain. Through this intensive training he experienced a new depth of feeling, which was previously unknown to him.

Through venturing within Alex developed the power with which to share his story and teach this powerful method. Alex is fully committed to the Wim Hof Method; he dedicates himself so that others too can experience powerful healing and new depths to their being.

Be assured that Alex will lead instruction with care, understanding and commitment. Alex gives his whole heart to this practice.

‘Alex is a gentle man with a big heart.’
‘It is through his pain he found his power.’

Alex welcomes you to experience the amazing benefits he has felt through his own practice. So you too, can feel happiness health and strength!

About the Wim Hof Method

If you would like to find out more about the Wim Hof Method and the benefits, please check out the link below to the official Wim Hof Method Platform & Alex’s instructor profile:

Cost and booking

You can book upcoming events, classes & workshops through Alex's official profile on the Wim Hof platform.

Weekly breathing classes are €15 - Wednesdays from 26th April 7.15-8.15pm - details here.

WHM Fundamentals workshop €85 - the next date is 11th June - details here

For any further enquiries about bookings & activities please contact Alex directly with the details listed above.

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