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Rowan & Mike (Curious Community)

Rowan and Mike offer drum circles here at Maitri Studio on the second (usually) Friday of each month at 7-8.30pm Mike also offers breathwork, starting from Thursday 2nd November for 6 weeks

Rowan and Mike offer drum circles on the second (usually) Friday of each month

Rowan and Mike met whilst attending the Village Music Circles Drum Circle Facilitator Training, where we bonded over late night drumming sessions which went on till the early hours of the morning. Inspired by the power of rhythm-based activities to connect people, we decided to put on drum circles together. These drum circles are opportunities for you to let out your playful side, be creative, and not worry about making mistakes or ‘doing it right’. All you need is a desire to have fun and connect with others through the power of shared rhythm.

All drums provided and no experience necessary!

Dates of the next drumming circles so far:

What is a Community Drum Circle?

The article below, explaining what a drum circle is, was written by Arthur Hull, who founded the Village Music Circles Training:

The Community Drum Circle, in the context of how we are using it within our non-professional hand drumming culture, is the most basic and simple use of the drum and rhythm. It is the use of a rhythm based event as a tool for unity.

A community drum circle is where people of all levels of musical expertise come together in order share their spirit by entraining rhythmically as a percussion ensemble. They don’t have to be a skilled drummer, or even have any musical experience, to participate. They empower each other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music. Everyone who comes and participates has something to offer the circle, and anyone is welcome.

A community drum circle is a collaboratively self-organized musical event created, “in the moment,” by all the people who participate. When we, as a community, drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships for the positive. As we play together, we give ourselves a rhythmical massage, an emotional release and a healing. The release and healing is different for every person that is in the rhythm circle. To make beautiful music together, with rhythm instruments, all we have to do is bring to the circle whatever rhythmical expertise we have to offer, along with the excitement of sharing it with other people.

The quality of the music produced in an event like this is not based on the rhythmical expertise of the players, but on the quality of their relationship with the other people in the circle. The result is those magical musical moments where one powerful voice is created out of the many. In those moments, the players stop worrying about keeping time because time, as they know it, has stopped. In its place is a living breathing entity, expressing timeless joy, passion and release through the power of rhythm.

That is the beauty of a community drum circle.”

Who's it for?

Anyone can participate in a drum circle, regardless of their musical experience. It's an opportunity to express your creativity and connect with others through rhythm. All drums and percussion will be provided, so you don't need to bring anything. Join a drum circle and experience the joy, passion, and emotional release that comes through the power of rhythm.

What are the benefits?

Drum circles offer many benefits for mental and emotional well-being. They have been shown to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and increase "feel good" endorphins in the brain. Additionally, drum circles promote neuroplasticity by creating neural connections and strengthening existing ones. Both sides of the brain are engaged, with the left hemisphere focusing on tasks such as keeping rhythm and coordinating with other players, while the right hemisphere engages in more creative aspects of drumming such as improvisation and emotional expression.


Mike also offers breathwork classes - he is a certified breathwork instructor and is passionate about sharing his experience and what he has learned with the local community. Find out more on his Instagram page here.

Breathwork | 60 minute sessions to experience & deepen your learning of your breath

Want to learn how you can use your breath to improve sleep, deepen relaxation & reduce stress?

Mike will be running a 60 minute breathing session, sharing the science & giving you the tools to experience your breath. It's a limited offering on Thursdays from 18:30-19:30 until 7th December at Maitri Studio.

Tickets £10 - available on Bookwhen or email

Stay curious... and remember, every breath is a chance to start again.

For more information about what Curious Community offer, you can contact Rowan and Mike:

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