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Eva Komuves

A strong practice that combines poses from hatha yoga with the core strengthening exercises from modern fitness techniques

Introducing Core Yoga with Eva

A strong practice that combines poses from hatha yoga with the core strengthening exercises from modern fitness techniques. The class is built on a traditional plan of a hatha yoga class and contains sun salutations and a flow of standing and seated poses, abdominal twists and breathing exercises.

  • Friday 7.15-8.30am - Is available both in person and online
  • Use your Iyengar class pass (single, 6 or 10 class) for Eva's classes - register for class and buy online here
  • Eva is intending to teach over the Christmas holidays, so you can keep going with your practice!

You can also use your Iyengar class passes in other classes with Maura and Claire.

About Eva

Eva is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Iyengar Yoga teacher, Fitness Instructor and Thai Massage therapist. She has over 20 years’ experience of practising many styles of yoga including traditional hatha yoga, mantra yoga, kundalini yoga, asthanga yoga, Iyengar yoga and Bikram yoga.

The yogic philosophy and the asana practise have always had a strong influence in all aspects of her life and this is demonstrated in her passion, knowledge and teaching. From cycling to circuit classes, Eva enjoys all kinds of outdoor and indoor sporting activities and she likes to bring the effectiveness of a core workout into her class.

"I believe that a strong core helps to support not only the lower back but our soul as well. It gives us self-esteem, power and strength. This strength supports change.

Our life is in a constant change and we must have the energy and strength to adjust. We often cannot stop change but we can decide what to do when that change comes. We cannot stop the rain or tell the winter to go away, but we can protect ourselves, so we can stay warm and dry. We cannot ask the sun to stop giving too much heat, but we can go into the shade and do what makes us happy.

Practising yoga is just one of the ways to give us the energy to enjoy and smile at life more. I use yoga to keep my energy level high and when my energy level is high - I am happy. And when I am happy, I find that there are so many things to enjoy in life"

If you're interested in Iyengar yoga (in which Eva is trained), read more here.

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