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Dharma Yoga series with Sonya Om

  • Date: Jun 29, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024
  • Time: Sat 29th 10.30am-12pm & 1-3pm; Sunday 30th 12-3pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio
  • Room: Maple

We're delighted to welcome Sonya Om, a Dharma Yoga teacher based in LA with Northern Irish roots. She's coming back to visit family this summer and has offered this series of workshops for us.

Saturday June 29

10:30am-12:00pmDharma Gentle- Sonya Om will lead Sri Dharma Mittra’s “Gentle” practice demonstrating on her mother Joan, also a certified Dharma lineage instructor. Designed for beginners with an introductory asana (posture) sequence, more experienced practitioners will also benefit and find the warm up perfect for any level of practice. Modifications will be offered for those with less mobility. Beginning breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques will be included.

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch hour – bring your own water, fruit, juices, easily digestible vegan foods for snacking over casual discourse with Sonya Om - topics may include yogic diet for the health of the planet, prenatal yoga guidelines, maintaining peace in stressful situations, nonviolence in a violent world, karma, questions and responses etc.

1:00pm-3:00pm Dharma Level 1 and Prana Nidra- Sonya Om will lead Dharma 1, a thorough sequence for healthy strong beginners which includes Surya Namaskara (salutation to the sun), standing poses, stationary poses, inversions, floor poses, back, forward, sideways and twisting postures, savasana (corpse pose), pranayama and meditation practice.

Prana Nidra is a deeply charging invigorating practice developed by Dharma devotee Andrei Ram, done in corpse pose (deep relaxation). Prana (vital life force) Nidra (sleep) amplifies the solar plexus and promotes restoration and healing in a short period of time.

Sunday, June 30th

12:00pm-3pm Dharma Level 2 with Prana Nidra Sonya Om will begin with Prana Nidra, a great practice to use when in need of refueling, followed by Dharma 2, a sequence for beginning to intermediate yogis which includes Surya Namaskara, standing poses, stationary poses, inversions (e.g. headstand (sirsasana) & shoulder stand), crow pose (kakasana), urdva dhanurasana (upward bow) and other floor postures. All will have modifications for those more advanced and just beginning. The closing practice will include divine breathing techniques and meditation.

Attendees for all workshop classes are welcome to take notes.


We have a variety of options for you - single, day or full weekend passes as follows.

  • Dharma Gentle (1.5hrs) ~ £20
  • Dharma 1 & Prana Nidra (2hrs) ~ £25
  • Saturday both classes ~ £40 (save £5)
  • Dharma 2 & Prana Nidra (3hrs) ~ £30
  • Full weekend, all three workshops ~£65 (save £10)

Please book by signing in on our 'student' page and choosing the appropriate pass from the drop-down menu. Please register for the classes you wish to attend. Do contact us at Maitri Studio if you have any questions about the booking

Find out more about Sonya

Sonya runs her own studio in LA and you can visit her website here:

You can follow her on her personal instagram @sonyaum or the studio one @dharmayogala and see a sample video of a 30 minute practice on Vimeo here.

If you've questions about Dharma Yoga and the practice, please contact Sonya directly by email: or by direct message on the instagram accounts above.

Sonya is a devotee of Sri Dharma Mittra who has a centre in New York and you can read more about him here: DharmaYogaCenter.Com


Please note: Maitri Studio Ltd is acting as agent on behalf of Sonya Enchill (Sonya Om) and has authority to invoice Sonya’s students and receive money on her behalf. Maitri Studio is not running the class/workshop, Sonya Enchill is; any issue with the delivery of the classes/event see Sonya Enchill of Dharma Mittra Yoga LA. For booking and administrative queries, please contact us at Maitri Studio.

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