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Xenia Pestova Bennett

Xenia creates bespoke sessions to calm and balance anxiety and stress, including with yin yoga and qi gong

Xenia is not running regular classes at the moment but she does have some events!

Join Xenia for her Springtime Boost Yin & Yang workshop on Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm to help combine calming seated poses with soft but energy-enhancing standing work - information and booking here.

Relax + heal with Xenia

Currently on pause

This gentle weekly class will help you get centred, relax and encourage optimal functioning of the body’s natural healing mechanisms for physical and mental wellbeing. We will work on soothing held yin yoga poses to enhance circulation, deep tissue stability and organ health. We will supplement the yoga poses with gentle breathing exercises to relieve stress, calm down and build resilience. All are welcome regardless of fitness level or prior experience.

About Xenia

Xenia Pestova Bennett brings a unique perspective to her yoga practice and teaching. She is an internationally-active concert pianist, university lecturer and anxiety coach. She combines her extensive performing and recording experience with wellbeing approaches to create bespoke sessions that calm and balance anxiety and stress. Having studied in the UK, The Netherlands and Canada, Xenia holds a Doctorate in Performance from McGill University. Her wellness teachers include Eleonora Ramsby-Herrera (Hatha Yoga), Sarah Powers (Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness) and Jeff Cushing (Qi Gong).

In addition to teaching music, yoga and breathwork, Xenia delivers private and group sessions on anxiety management for individuals and organisations. Her past clients and collaborators include Ad Agio Musicians’ Workshops, Facebook London, Moving on Music, Sound and Music, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Nottingham.

Please visit and for more information.

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