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Xenia Pestova Headshot Oct 2019

Xenia Pestova Bennett

Xenia creates bespoke sessions to calm and balance anxiety and stress, including with yin yoga and qi gong

Currently all of Xenia's classes and workshops are online, so you can join her from anywhere!

Catching Our Breath: Calm, Balance and Strength

Join us for three half-hour weekly lunchtime sessions to boost your immunity and wellbeing through breathwork. We will explore calming and energising approaches to build towards an intermediate “lung clearing” exercise. These breathwork exercises will be helpful to anyone wishing to destress, improve immune function and/or enhance and supplement existing yoga practice. While this mini-course is aimed at students who have attended the “breathwork basics” webinar and/or the Level 1 three-week course, new entrants are also welcome to join – short preparatory / revision videos can be sent by email on request free of charge.

Thursdays 1, 8, 15 October, 1 – 1:30pm, £15 for all three sessions.

Details and booking here.

Nourish and Protect: Autumn Yin Yoga for Immunity and Organ Health

This five-week block of online yoga will prepare us for the winter by nourishing and boosting our immune strength and protecting our inner organs, deep tissues and joints. We will look at meridian theory from traditional practices as well as the latest research on immune system function and apply these concepts to build up our protective shield, enhance circulation and strengthen resilience. We will place particular emphasis on poses for the lungs and the kidneys.

Wednesdays 14 and 28 October and 4, 11, 18 November, 6:00-7:15pm, £30 for five sessions.

Details and booking here.

Digital Device Detox Webinar, Saturday 17 October, 2pm (free)

Do you feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing demands to increase your screen time during the global pandemic? Perhaps you are already questioning your relationship with technology. Quite possibly, you are simultaneously “hooked” on dopamine hits from devices and notifications. As anxiety and depression levels continue to rise due to our dependency on current connectivity platforms, guidance on how to support our mental wellbeing is not always widely available. This free online workshop will introduce mindful computing strategies and examine the evidence on social media and email anxiety in a balanced way. We will learn how to take simple steps to redefine our engagement with these technologies without giving up connectivity in order to begin reclaiming our lives. The theoretical framework will be supplemented with accessible practical interventions grounded in movement and breathwork for anxiety management to add to your toolkit of support strategies.

Details and booking here.

About Xenia

Xenia Pestova Bennett brings a unique perspective to her yoga practice and teaching. She is an internationally-active concert pianist, university lecturer and anxiety coach. She combines her extensive performing and recording experience with wellbeing approaches to create bespoke sessions that calm and balance anxiety and stress. Having studied in the UK, The Netherlands and Canada, Xenia holds a Doctorate in Performance from McGill University. Her wellness teachers include Eleonora Ramsby-Herrera (Hatha Yoga), Sarah Powers (Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness) and Jeff Cushing (Qi Gong).

In addition to teaching music, yoga and breathwork, Xenia delivers private and group sessions on anxiety management for individuals and organisations. Her past clients and collaborators include Ad Agio Musicians’ Workshops, Facebook London, Moving on Music, Sound and Music, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Nottingham.

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