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Instructor Profile Picture Rose Campbell

Rose Campbell

Nia is a non-impact, expressive movement programme designed to achieve whole body fitness and cardiovascular conditioning

Temporary cancellation

Rose will be off for several weeks after an appendectomy. Do check in with her for updates. We've removed her online classes from the calendar for now. She hopes to come back to Maitri from 3rd September with in-person classes which we'll post here when we have all the details confirmed.

Online classes

Rose will be taking Nia classes online for the foreseeable future providing a slightly pared-down version of the full workout so that it is easier for people to follow at home. The classes are taking place on Zoom every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY from 12pm BST. The class outline will be:

12pm Join the Zoom class

12.10 choreography outline and focus setting

12.20 dancing (25-30 minutes)

Your first class is free, so now is the time to try out something new and if you enjoy the class, you can purchase a 4 session class pass from Rose for £20.

Please email for more details on how to join the Zoom classes.

What is Nia?

Nia is a non-impact, expressive movement programme designed to achieve whole body fitness and cardiovascular conditioning. Drawing on the movement and philosophies of dance arts (Jazz, Modern and Duncan dance), martial arts (Tai Chi, Aikido and Taekwondo) and healing arts (Yoga, the Alexander Technique and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais) Nia promotes the development of a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the body.

Within the hour-long class, you’ll experience many styles of music to engage the brain developing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connections to your body as well as experiencing a sense of community with fellow dancers.

Most importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun! All levels of fitness welcome, no experience necessary. Nia is danced barefoot in comfortable clothing so come as you are.

Class information

Rose has suspended her classes for now due to the coronavirus downturn. Rose has contacted her students separately. We will update this page when classes are reinstated.

  • Regular classes 6-7pm
  • Drop in: £8 (£6 concession)
  • 6 week Class Pass: £40 (to be used within the term)
  • No class 3rd March, next block starts 10th March.

Rose has been dancing Nia since discovering it whilst living in Beijing in 2015 and it transformed her life. She went from thinking that exercise had hurt if it was going to do you any good to discovering magic through music and movement.

A secondary school language and literature teacher by trade and a traveller at heart, she is now a White Belt trained Nia instructor bringing the Joy of Movement to Northern Ireland.

For more information and to book you can contact Rose on / 07476529934 / via her website.

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