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Nitya (Rachael) Lindsay

I am passionate about empowering people to discover that there is a well of abundant power, love, joy, peace, connection and fulfilment within

Nitya (Rachael) has been practicing yoga on and off for 20 years and graduated as a yoga teacher in the tantric tradition in 2017. More recently she trained with Venant Wong (creator of kap) in Thailand, a direct student of Pi Villeraza, the discoverer of innerdance. Nitya is also a Reike-Seichem healer and circus/performance artist & teacher.

Arts, healing and consciousness are her passion.


Nitya offers the kundalini activation process on Wednesdays 8.15-9.45pm

Contact Nitya to book on, 07872 020039 or via Facebook.

£10 per session or £35 for all 4 sessions
pay via paypal to (choosing friends and family)

Kundalini Activation Process (kap)

kap – kundalini activation process is a profound inner journey into heightened perceptions, deeper states of awareness, awakening and healing, using music and intuitive energy transmission, through touch and non-touch, on chakra and energy points on the body. Lie down comfortably, listen to music and let the energy move you how ever it wants. It will manifest in up to 4 ways:

  • spontaneous physical movement of the body, including mudras, postures and even dancing can occur. But also people can lie quite still and experience other phenomena such as...
  • energy flow: electric or tingling, heat or a “cool wind” through, or over your body often moving through “blocks”.
  • visualisations: imagery/journey in the mind often with deep insights and realisations.
  • emotional response: can include laughing, crying, heart opening, anger release etc. A whole range of emotional release can happen.

Tap into your own intuition and healing. Let go of yourself. Experience yourself. Let yourself be.

This is energy play and healing like you've (probably) never experienced it!

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