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Kate Lunge

Kate Porteous

Kate keeps the show on the road with her excellent admin skills!

Kate is a self-confessed admin enthusiast and has always taken pleasure in organising and sorting things out. Working from home sounded like the best solution to living in a rural spot and so the idea of being a self-employed freelance virtual administrator was born.

Her other big passion is yoga, which she's been practicing at home for over two decades. Kate was delighted when she met Claire at a networking event at Maitri Studio and the rest is history - yoga and admin joined together in a most unexpected way!

What Kate says:

"I set up my business back in 2015 with the aim of saving other people's time by using mine. Small business and sole traders are very passionate about the product they sell or the service they provide, and are increasingly frustrated by the time they have to take away from this passion to do their paperwork. For most it's a boring necessity that ends up getting done in an evening or on the weekend and it eats into their work - life balance.

This is where I come in.

With a background in both the public and private sectors, I have worked with a variety of companies, large and small and I understand the need to be well organised, methodical, conscientious and trustworthy.

And, I have to admit I love paperwork! As a self confessed admin enthusiast, I take pleasure in creating order from chaos and sorting things out.

I always ask new clients what jobs they'd love to not do any more and once they get thinking the lists can get quite long: spreadsheet creation and maintenance, organising events, keeping on top of emails and website updates, proofreading, writing content, data entry...."

What job would you love to not do any more?

Kate's work motto is "saving your time by using mine", so if you are struggling with your paperwork or resent taking time away from the real heart of your business, contact her on 0786 4619540 or

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