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Kate Fletcher MBACP (Accred) BSc, MA

Kate offers integrative counselling appointments here at Maitri Studio

Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost or confused, and sense you are losing control?

Perhaps you are finding it hard to admit it to yourself, and you believe you have to keep it together for everyone else, but that is getting harder to do?

When life gets too much, or something bad happens to us, it can be a scary and dark place, and hard to know who to trust. It is not always easy to talk to the people you are closest to, in case you are not heard and understood, or perhaps you do not want to burden them. In crisis, sometimes our bodies take over, and the stress response starts to have a life of its own.

Talking to someone you don’t know can give you the space to offload, and start to understand what is happening to you and why. There are no quick fixes, but as a counsellor, the first thing I would do is listen. I believe that your unique story gives you clues as to what is happening to you. By exploring it together in a safe place you can start to re-connect different aspects of your life, and find a way through.

I work in an integrative and trauma-informed way, which means I use a variety of approaches, such as mindfulness and body-awareness, and an understanding of how trauma can shape us.

No approach is right for everybody, and I will always start by taking time to understand you and your perspective.

Please contact me on, or click here to visit my British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy webpage for more information.

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