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Julie Vic 2024

Julie & Vic - Kirtan

Julie & Victor share Kirtan events, bringing together music, mantra & meditation

Husband and wife duo, Julie Preston & Victor Tyrrell, have been sharing Kirtan in Northern Ireland, and at international retreats and events since 2011.

Why Kirtan?

Come and experience the healing, centering and joyful effects of Kirtan chanting. Chanting is just another form of yoga to help us connect in a more loving peaceful way to ourselves and others using sound. Julie and Victor will lead you in a musical and vocal journey through sacred sounds and mantras, in the form of Kirtan (meaning ‘to sing’) - chanting via call and response.

The beauty of Kirtan is that it’s open to everyone. It’s an exploration of the heart, independent of vocal skill, musical technique or experience. Like singing, chanting can be energizing, yet calming at the same time. It's great fun and gets us out of our busy heads and into our hearts.

Kirtan chanting involves repeating sacred mantras (mantra literally means mind tool / to free the mind) that help quiet the mind whilst experiencing the joy of opening and connecting to the heart, soothing the nervous system, and inducing a feeling of meditation and bliss.

There are many benefits of chanting including:

  • Easing an anxious or troubled mind
  • Relaxing tension in the body
  • Opening the heart
  • Feeling happy and joyful
  • Experiencing feelings of natural love
  • Deepening of self-awareness
  • Promoting healthy emotional expression and release.

Payment is £20 to book online via Julie's website to reserve your place. Bookings close on the Friday before the event! Alternatively buy a 3-event kirtan pass for £45. Limited places may be available on the day at £25 cash on the door.

Join Julie & Vic on Sundays evenings for 2024 on:

About Julie & Victor

Julie & Victor met through Kirtan – it’s their love song to each other, and an important heart and soul practice for them. They sang kirtan at their wedding and even spent their honeymoon at Kirtan camp with world renowned grammy-nominated Kirtan artist Jai Uttal!

Both are passionate about the healing and transformative impact of music and meditation, and are musicians and holistic teachers and practitioners in their own right.

Julie knew from a very young age that her soul wanted to connect her to music. She was pictured playing piano at her gran’s house at just 2 years old, and started lessons before her 4th birthday! Her childhood was filled with classical music study and performance, taking on four instruments and gaining her teaching diploma at 16. She went on to gain her Bachelors Degree in Music and taught children’s piano for several years. However, after all that time, she ‘fell out’ with this part of her life, and it was only years later, through her deepening journey into yoga that she discovered Kirtan and a yearning in her heart reconnecting her to her first love, music. For Julie, Kirtan was her way back, and it has continued to be a life-changing practice for her. Her favourite thing about leading Kirtan events is the palpable feeling in the room that starts to shift when the magic of the mantras, music and breathing together bring everyone into heart-felt connection.

Julie has been teaching yoga, meditation and wellness since 2007 and is also an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.

Victor loved music from a young age, taking up guitar at age 15, and writing his first song at 17. He found that singing, playing guitar and going within to write his own material helped soothe his heart through his teenage years. In his 20s he realised the profoundly healing power of music helped ease the chronic physical pain he was living with. This, combined with Bio Energy Healing set him on a new course in life for his recovery, training as a Bio Energy Practitioner and spending many years on the local singer/songwriter circuit. His passion for music, meditation and healing came together when he met Julie at her early kirtan events. Once they sang together, the rest is history!

Victor founded Bio Energy Belfast in 2005 ( supporting a wide range of clients with their healing, growth and recovery. He offers 1:1 sessions and courses for adults, children and dogs. For more info contact e: p: 07922 646579.

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