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Jen McKew

Dr Jennifer McKew, a medical doctor and holistic wellness practitioner, offers Flow Dance Meditation

Flow Dance Meditation

Jen will be back for regular classes in 2024 - we'll update here when we have her dates.

Monthly classes will be held on:

We hope these will be the first of approximately monthly flow dance meditation events at Maitri this year!

Book your place with Jen by email or through her Instagram page @flowdancemeditation_withdrjen or by phone/text/WhatsApp 07715 939584.

Just come in comfy clothes with an open heart - no experience needed for unchoreographed dance and an optional sharing circle.

About Jen

Jen @flowdancemeditation_withdrjen (Instagram) is Dr Jennifer McKew, a doctor and flow dance enthusiast who has found this technique personally very powerful.

Jen is a medical doctor working in General Practice with cancer patients and is passionate about holistic medicine and the wellness community. She trained in Flow Dance Meditation on retreat at West Lexham (England) and was first touched by this beautiful healing practice in a Yogafit retreat on the gorgeous island of Ibiza.

The Flow Dance Meditation Method

Explore meditation in a dynamic fun new way. We invite you to let our music & words guide you on a journey that can CONNECT you more deeply with yourself. MOVE & shift your energy, so you can RELEASE what isn’t serving you & find your own unique FLOW.

The class is an un-choreographed, free-moving meditation practice, which encourages self-expression and discovery. It allows you to explore and express how you feel through movement. You don’t have to learn any steps and there’s no pressure to perform, making it easier to relax, allowing the body and mind to get into a state of flow.

We use the music as a conduit to let the mind and body transcend into a state of bliss, using varied tempos, rhythms and melodic moods within the music to support the facilitators guidance and help you to connect to the river of energy flowing within you.

This conscious dance program is a vehicle for embodiment, ‘doing the work’ and raising consciousness. Through somatic techniques you will become more deeply connected with yourself, especially your inner world. FDM invites you to get present, so you can feel it and heal it; in an accessible, fun and dynamic way. The music we use plays an important role in helping us to drop into a flow state of consciousness. Developed by Lindsay Jay, you can get more of an idea at the FlowDanceMeditation website or at this 10 min taster video on YouTube.

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