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Brian Cunning (therapist)

Brian offers transpersonal therapy and shamanic counselling 1:1 appointments at Maitri Studio

Brian is available for one to one transpersonal therapy, shamanic counselling and healing sessions, medicine/ethnobotanical integration and grounding. This work includes transpersonal psychotherapy, soul retrieval, extraction work, shamanic tool creation, shamanic healing and ceremonies. He delivers one to one divination/path-working, guided meditation and drum journey workshops. He facilitates group sessions and workshops in shamanic techniques and meditation. He is also available for alternative ceremonies such as hand-fasting.

What is Transpersonal Therapy?

Transpersonal means beyond the personal. It is a form of spiritual psychology which studies human experiences beyond the realms of ordinary reality. This includes methods such as dreamwork, meditation, journeying, yoga, reiki, trance states, shamanism, mystical and peak experiences, ecology, non-ordinary states of awareness and consciousness studies.

Brian's shamanism training & experience

Brian is a qualified shamanic counsellor and transpersonal therapist accredited by ICSS and the Transpersonal Institute at Dunderry Park.

Brian Cunning has been working in shamanic techniques for over 30 years and has trained extensively in the professional field for over 13 years to achieve accreditation. He has facilitated group meditation classes and shamanic retreats. He specialises in Celtic Shamanism and shamanic spirit craft tool making. He is a qualified shamanic practitioner including experiential weekends in holotropic breathwork (also knowns as the Shaman's breath) certified by The Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies (ICSS). He holds certificates in advanced shamanic practice, which include theoretical and experiential transpersonal perspectives, and has accreditation in workshops led by Dr. Gabor Mate on trauma and addiction.

Booking and payment

To book a 1-1 please contact Brian directly at or on 07792 474753.

Bookings are pre-paid in advance. Brian is available for 1 or 2 hour appointments. Payment made to via PayPal, £65 per hour or £120 for two hours.

Regular classes

Brian offers an introduction to shamanism course (see his instructor page where you can also read more about shamanism) and works alongside his lifetime companion and partner Lisa as a sound therapist in the group Soundhenge Ireland with weekly gong baths at Maitri Studio. He is also qualified and practicing artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine and Applied Arts.

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