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Ally Gilfillan

Ally Gilfillan

Ally is a registered yoga teacher specialising in hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga

Release the week - Friday slow flow with Ally

Join Ally on the mat every Friday evening and move into the weekend feeling connected!

Settle the mind, body and soul as you let go of the demands of a busy week and allow for a brief moment of yogic self-care.

Class will include a blend of gentle vinyasa, restorative yoga and meditational practices - physical practice (asana) and breath awareness (pranayama).

Accessible alignment cues are provided to allow you to decide what the expression of a posture looks like for your own abilities and adjustments during practise.

When: Friday 6-7pm
Prices: Drop in - £8 | Six week block - £44
*All abilities and bodies are welcome*

NB no class 3rd May.

For more information and to book please contact Ally on, phone/WhatsApp on 07868 244469 or via her Instagram page.

About Ally:

Ally practices many different styles of yoga alongside the ones she qualifies in, including yin and restorative yoga. She loves travelling, good food and comedy. Ally is also a qualified Reiki practitioner and feels passionate about holistic health and how it has helped to improve her life.

"I began yoga during a period of my life when my overall health was heavily declining. I realised that I felt most alive, most free, and most at home within my body and mind during these practices. I quickly endeavoured to dive deeper into all areas of yoga and other holistic practices.
With time, patience and practice - my mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual health had improved in so many ways! I finally took a leap of faith and started a career break from my job of 7 years, I travelled Europe, and fulfilled many personal goals. I no longer felt trapped and in fear. I went to Bali to qualify as a yoga teacher!
Then I felt dedicated to share this form of healing, relaxing, breathing, exercising, BEING to show others that we hold the key which can unlock the body and mind in a multitude of ways. That we can be free."

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