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Iyengar yoga classes online - sign in details

  • by Claire Ferry - May 07, 2020

Welcome to online Iyengar yoga classes with me, Claire Ferry. I hope these instructions will help you join the classes easily. If this is all new to you, make sure you try to log in early - I will be there 30 minutes before each class to help. I am also happy to arrange a test with you if you're unsure. Do email me on or call 07743 841415 if you're stuck!


Some people using phones or tablets find it hard to either see me (screen too small) or angle the camera lens so that I could see them - so if you have a laptop it might be easier for you. But don't worry, we'll manage! Make sure you don't have any back ups or other apps running in the background which can make your internet connection slower.


You need to have downloaded Zoom onto the device you will be using to watch the class.

  • If you don't have a pre-existing Zoom user account, create one here:
  • If you do have a zoom account but who have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot password" on the following page: as you will have to be signed in to Zoom for this all to work
  • (if you want more details on Zoom, scroll to the bottom of this page)

Tula Software

You also need to have an account at so that you can log in to your Tula account with Maitri Studio. If you already buy passes online with us, you will be familiar with this.

If not, you need to add your email and if you don’t think you have a password yet, click the ‘forgotten password’ link at the bottom right of that page. You will be sent an email with your password. These are the details you will need to login, purchase passes, register for and take part in the class via the class calendar on the Maitri website.

If you're an Apple user, you can download the Tula app

Pay and register for the class

You must register online to attend the class, otherwise you will not be able to access the link to join the zoom broadcast. To register, you will need to purchase single or multi-class passes – we now have 10 and 6-class pass options. You can pay and register for the classes through the class calendar page on the Maitri Studio (or Claire Ferry Yoga) website.

Visit the Maitri Studio class calendar - make sure you have logged in at the top right of the calendar where there is a log in/create account link...this is your Tula account password (see above).

Next to the class you want to attend there will be a ‘sign up and pay’ link, or if you have class credits already it will just say ‘sign up’. Click on that and follow instructions, including agreeing to the health waiver.

If you change your mind and can no longer attend, this is where you also click the ‘deregister’ link.

I am limiting class numbers to 20 so that I can see you all on the Zoom screen. NOTE if you register and then do not attend, you will forfeit a credit as it means someone else would not be able to take your remember to deregister if you can't attend.

Which class?

Tues 10am is beginners, welcoming complete new starters as well as ongoing beginners.

Tues 7.30pm is mixed ability - students from Rachel, Andrew, Maura and Louise's classes all welcome as well as my regular ongoing students

Thurs 6pm is for those who have 2yrs experience and who would like some more asana challenge and depth

Thurs 7.45pm is for all, gentle restorative asanas to prepare for introduction to pranayama and lots of savasana!

Class preparations

Make sure you have sufficient space to practice and have any yoga equipment to hand. If you do not have blocks and bricks, use folded blankets or pillows. A strap of some kind is useful - if not a yoga belt, then a dressing gown belt, or a length of cord...whatever you have! A study chair may be helpful too. Test your video to check that the teacher will be able to see you when you’re on your mat.

Attending the class

You will need to be logged on to Tula in the app or at the calendar pages (as above for registering). About 30 minutes before the class starts another link will appear ‘View Broadcast’. Click this, and Zoom will open automatically if you have it set up on your device. Follow the Zoom instructions. You will be let into a waiting room and I will need to admit you. I will not let anyone in after the start of class.

** If you are asked for a password, it is because Zoom needs you to log in. Some people have found it easier to go back out again, separately open Zoom and login to that, then go back to the Tula app or calendar and click 'view broadcast' again.

On entry into the class your mic will be on (unless you’ve turned it off!) so that I can say hello and make sure you’re viewing and hearing OK. Once the class starts, I will mute everyone and then give instructions about how to communicate with me.

Make sure that you’ve told me about any health issues you may have – especially if you’re new to the class or I haven’t seen you for a while.

I look forward to seeing you,



Extra Zoom info

You need to make sure that Zoom is installed on your device: download it from It's the first in the list, marked "Zoom Client for Meetings".

Note that Zoom is updating their clients to a new major version 5.0. People with Zoom already installed should receive a message prompting them to upgrade. It's just a single click to upgrade an existing client. If you don't upgrade now you'll be forced to anyway on trying to join a meeting from May 30th onwards. 5.0 greatly increases security - see this for full details:

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