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Tessa Ann

Tessa shares her enthusiasm for sound and movement at classes and events at Maitri

About Tessa

Tessa Ann has worked professionally in the areas of sound, music and personal development for 25 years. Here's what she says about sound:

"I love sound, in fact I am obsessed with it, an obsession that has grown from my own personal experience of its unique healing power. For the past 25 years sound has underpinned everything that I have done professionally. DJ, Music Producer, Event Organiser, Teacher – sound (and music) has been the unifying factor of my career.

When I qualified as a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner it was one of those rare self-fulfilling experiences, I realised that I had found what I was meant to do. Now, I am able to combine my love of sound with the delivery of therapeutic based classes and events to promote relaxation, self-discovery and the pleasure of sheer enjoyment.

Where I work and how I work is extremely varied. It can be on a one-to-one basis, with a small group or to a full arena – anywhere people can hear and feel the vibration that is sound. In every situation I play a range of sound healing instruments to produce vibrations that resonate with the body to promote relaxation, balance and connection to the self.

My work is extremely rewarding. Time and time again I get feedback from my clients and from the participants at my events telling me about the benefits and the healing they have experienced as a result.

On a personal level I too have experienced the benefits that Therapeutic Sound can deliver. Having lived with a pituitary adenoma for over 14 years, I have recently been given the all clear and attribute my wellness to the energetic and therapeutic based sound work I have been constantly exposed to.

Sound and music are my inspiration and I am always seeking to develop new ways of reaching new people with the power of sound. I still love to DJ and to produce music and my latest creative project sees me combining my passion for sound therapy with electronic music in what I call my ‘Electronic Sound Bath’. If you like your music with a more energetic beat watch this space!

Tessa Ann"

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