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Stacey Dobbin

Help prepare your body for birth and aid post natal recovery with pregnancy yoga on Monday evenings

Stacey Dobbin Pregnancy Yoga

Join Stacey for Pregnancy Yoga classes every Monday at 6.15pm from 25th April 2022

Price £45 for 5 weeks

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 14 weeks gestation until birth. Yoga for pregnancy is an ideal way to exercise the body and calm the mind during pregnancy. A regular practice will also help prepare the body for birth and aid postnatal recovery.

Over the 5 week course you will feel supported to thrive during this wonderful journey. You will learn a combination of mind and body techniques to help you navigate pregnancy, labour, birth and the 4th trimester.

Yoga for pregnancy targets the whole body to tone and strengthen. This important because strong legs and back will support and protect the pelvis. We learn and practice meditation/relaxation techniques to strengthen, and create space in the mind, a wonderful way to feel well in pregnancy, and a great and natural way to help control pain in labour, birth and recovery.

No yoga experience is necessary to join this class as pregnancy yoga is so unique to the pregnant and expectant mother. Participants can expect to enjoy some or all of the following benefits:

  • improved sleep
  • prevention/relief of back pain
  • relief of pelvic discomfort
  • relief of general muscle ache
  • relief of tension headaches
  • improved mobility
  • improved pelvic health
  • a calm soothed nervous system
  • improved/reduced symptoms of anxiety (racing heart, increased breathing rate etc)
  • improved mood
  • a feeling of empowerment and preparedness for labour and birth and the postpartum

About Stacey

Stacey is a yoga enthusiast and instructor, a pregnancy yoga instructor and a practicing midwife of 15 years. She completed her pregnancy yoga teacher training with eco-feminist Dr Uma Dinsmore Tuli in the quest of finding new ways to connect with and empower women. Her training is powerful and was life changing for me. She strongly emphasises the importance of self-care and celebrates female wisdom. Stacey is passionate about sharing this with other women.

To find out more and to book please contact Stacey on 07802665723 or

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