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Skye Bompas

Life modelling is a passion of mine as it is an opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to work on a real-life study for their portfolios or as a hobby.

Life drawing & modelling

The craft of life modelling is an empowering and fulfilling experience which gives you the opportunity to gain in body confidence; by accepting yourself as the magnificent structures that you are - no flaws, only shapes, colours and a history...

Fascinated by the stories that people hold in their bodies, I love to paint all sorts of people from pregnant women, couples, and beautiful bodies in all shapes and sizes.

The class is about us artists holding a space for the person posing to express themselves through their naked skin. The class is warm, relaxed and light and I can offer some instruction and guidance in proportions and speeding up if needed.

My "models" are people for whom often it will be their first time being naked and observed, which is a special experience for both the model and the artists. For their comfort they choose the blankets and the music. This allows us, the artists, to be immersed in the model's world. Once the class is over the muse will give a brief history of themselves, what they thought of the experience, how they came to this point and how they feel about their body in the nude. You’ll be surprised about people’s stories and the emotions they hold with in their body.

Be prepared for it to alter the way you paint or draw.

Any ART donations for them to keep will be much appreciated.

The models are welcome to come back for a free session in drawing in the class. Experience both sides! If you have modelled before and haven't attended the class to draw or you are interested in posing please get in touch.

All levels of artists welcome - whether you are re-awakening your creative spirit or you are an accomplished artist.

Chairs, tables and limited easels are available. Please bring own art supplies.

Regular sessions

Usually Wednesday evenings - unfortunately not on during the current lockdown restrictions - new events will be posted when we can re-open

Investment: £15, concessions available

I also offer private sessions located in Belfast where you can be the muse of your own art work to treasure. Or be the study for a small life modelling class to help others create their own art work. Each session is one hour, and you can take home your piece of art with you the same day.

Contact me

If you would like to know more about the classes or to book a private session, or if you'd like to try being a model, please take a look at You can get in touch via email on or by phone on 078 0945 6178

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