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Patricia Lübeck (yoga/reiki)

Patricia facilitates Reiki @Maitri, a home for Reiki in Belfast, and teaches yin yoga

"Whatever it is you are dealing with, you don’t have to cope alone. I will support you to heal and reclaim your inner power so you can shine your light brightly."

So says Patricia Lübeck, an Aroma Touch Therapist, Usui Reiki Teacher and EFT Master with a background in voluntary counselling and compassionate listening, who is runs Reiki school at Maitri, teaches yin yoga, and facilitates other gatherings such as Red Tents and shamanic group work.

Patricia's workshops will be listed on our events page when they happen. You can book her for 1:1 therapies any time...see therapy page here.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural way of energy healing where we can pass on loving, healing energy to others without depleting our own energy system. The word itself is Japanese and refers to the universal life force energy. It is up to you whether you connect this to your own religious or spiritual beliefs, or simply take it as the same energy that makes the flowers grow.

Reiki is non-denominational and kindness and love are what matters most! Think about it this way: When a child hurts itself, when a friend comes to you with deep sorrow, when the world seems against you - putting the hand on someone's shoulder or offering a hug are one of the most natural ways to offer love and healing to one another. In essence, this is Reiki.

Then, when you dive in deeper, Reiki comes with ancient traditions and healing symbols, with finding a more peaceful way of living, with understanding that you can bring kindness and healing into every action of your day.

Reiki @Maitri

Our project, Reiki @Maitri, is aiming to give Reiki a home. Whether you are completely new to energy healing, you are in the process of learning, or have taught Reiki for many years - you are welcome here! Started by international Reiki Master Teacher Patricia Lübeck, Reiki at Maitri involves regular healing evenings, Reiki clinics, and a Reiki school.

This project will provide you with connection, passion, and support to live the Reiki way - and to understand that being a healer involves more than the occasional treatment. Here, you will find love and compassion for your journey as well as space to meet like-minded people.

Are you curious or want to get involved? Come join us for one of our events or get in touch with Patricia via or 07460 821815!

Yin Yoga

Patricia brings occasional yin yoga classes to Maitri. They'll be posted on the events page. She can offer 1:1s also.

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