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Melissa O'Neill

Melissa brings MOVEMENT, a creative practice to reconnect mind, body and spirit through movement, music and dance.

About Melissa

Melissa O’Neill has an array of experience in the dancing world from dancing professionally to dancing as a moving art piece. She has underwent an in-depth study of dance as a Bachelor of the Arts which lead her to discover the richness of the inner dance that has a landscape so rich it has a never-ending story to tell.


Emotional memory is stored in the mind-body. It lives within every crevice of our being. Let the body speak to you through its own inner language and wisdom.

MOVEMENT is a creative process to encourage playful, powerful and expressive experiences to flow and unfold. A safe space will be created for you to explore your emotional landscape, to be yourself with no barriers, limitations or constructs. The body is always trying to dialogue with us but unfortunately we can be quick to dismiss our powerful intuitive nature. MOVEMENT will guide you towards reconnecting body-mind-spirit with partial guidance to gently release those crevices in the body that have been waiting to be heard leading towards a fully connected you. Come and experience the mind blowing power of MOVEMENT medicine.

Following on from this there are Family Dance Sessions that will give families the opportunity to come together, to dance in a safe environment and have fun!

These sessions will increase the family connection and turn up the volume of joy in our lives.
Come with your son, daughter, niece, nephew, bring gran and grandpa too. Make it a family get-together. A chill-out space will be created to unwind and take a well earned rest.

New family session dates to be confirmed.

More people in your family? Just add an extra donation in the box. Check Facebook for more information.

MOVEMENT is for Every Body aged 16 -116

Let's Get Together! Let's Move!

You can contact Melissa on 07921 770990 for more info and to reserve your place.

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