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Lu Blue Profile Pic June 2021

Lu Blue

Lu Blue brings trauma informed mindfulness yoga to Maitri Studio

"Change the body and you will change the mind use these skills any time during the day and anywhere not just on the mat."

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Yoga

Mondays 6.05-7.20pm

6th September to 11th October

  • Block of 6 classes £75

To book please PAYPAL:

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Classes will continue in November.

For more information or as another way to book, please contact Lu on 07772 074402 or


Lu teaches sessions as a form of active movement, exploring ways to connect with your body, a felt sense of awareness by befriending your body in an active mindful movement explorative way. Creating a safe, supportive space to learn emotional regulation skills through the connection of breath and increased body awareness.

It’s a practice that guides you into becoming more aware of body sensations and your breath. This body based practice better enables you to capture earlier body signs, indicators to stress, anxiety, feeling low, overwhelmed and exhausted. It is an extremely powerful tool when experiencing challenging emotions in situations that feel unmanageable and out of your control.

The sessions encourage self-led exploration to explore and navigate your own body sense, at your own pace, at your own choice so that you can:

  • Self-regulate your thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Improve your ability to manage difficult emotions
  • Take actions that benefit your well being
  • Better outcomes and intentions
  • Sense indicators from your body
  • Respond more intuitively
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Make more informed choices - decisions
  • Create space for exploration and enquiry
  • Create sense of calm, safety
  • Increase self-compassion, self-love

Just by getting on the mat, moving your body and consciously breathing, you are improving your ability to respond to life with less stress and more discernment, and feeling connected to your very own body.

About Lu Blue

Encouraged to go deeper into exploring yoga therapeutically as an adjunct to conventional mind based therapies for mental health and addiction recovery, they began a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016, followed by a 300hrs Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator TCTSY-F certification in 2019.

Lu has trained as a Personal Trainer, Exercise Referral specialist, and has a Dance Degree where they explored the mechanics and observations of natural movement. On Lu’s travels they completed a Thai massage Diploma.

As a Horticulturist and Garden Designer Lu believes that all elements of nature, the environment are intrinsic to embodiment through movement, and experiencing the felt sense self in our daily lives. They approach their work with compassion, curiosity, and respect for the innate healer in each of us.

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