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Kelly Gazzard

Kelly teaches one-day Thai massage, oncology massage and Tui Na massage courses, and the full ITEC level 3 massage course

Gateway massage workshops with Kelly Gazzard

Through Gateway workshops Kelly teaches one day courses in Thai Massage Accredited Diploma course (full body level 1 and level 2), Tui Na Massage Accredited Diploma course and ITEC full body massage course (level 3 massage course for beginners). Kelly is now introducing a one day fully accredited Oncology massage course too.

Learn Oncology massage, Thai massage and Tui Na massage in a small class of 6 people with one to one attention from your tutor. You will receive a fully detailed manual on the day and have plenty of time to practise and receive a massage.

Additionally Kelly teaches the full ITEC Level 3 Massage fast track course - previously known as Swedish and Holistic Full Body Massage course. This course runs on five Fridays, Saturdays , Sundays or Mondays with an additional exam day, spread over about three months.

Cancer Massage Therapy- Oncology Practitioner Accredited Diploma Course

Professional one day Practitioner training course in Cancer Massage Therapy - Oncology Course, offering a fully certified qualification for anyone wanting to become a qualified Oncology Massage Practitioner.

Oncology Massage is a form of non-invasive, compassionate touch, which uses a light pressure, with slow and steady movements to help the body relax. It is very much a holistic based therapy, based on compassion, care and specialised massage treatments to help people manage both their physical and emotional reactions to cancer.

Thai (Yoga) Accredited Diploma Course - Full Body Level 1 and Level 2

Professional one day Practitioner training course in Thai Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage (same content) is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine and in Thailand is widely considered to be a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

Thai Massage is also practiced by a number of non-medical massage practitioners in the spa and tourism industries. Since the 1990’s it has become a worldwide therapy and is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments in Spas and massage clinics.

Professional one day Practitioner training course in Thai Massage level 2, also known as Thai Yoga Massage (same content) this training will provide a greater skill and understanding of new techniques using thumbs, elbows, knees and feet.

This course is for existing therapists with a Thai massage level 1 Professional one day Practitioner training course qualification - our level one or similar qualification obtained elsewhere.

Passive stretching techniques will be demonstrated and practised for use with specific aliments, to adjust the skeletal structure, increase flexibility and restore movement.

The theory of the Sen (energy line) will be described in more detail, providing the student with a greater sense of awareness to not only learn the moves but how to use your body to express them.

Tui Na Massage Accredited Diploma Course

Professional one day Practitioner training course in Tui Na Massage, this course is specifically designed for the general well-being of the physical, emotional and spiritual body in order to keep the body balanced and in harmony.

Tui Na not only focuses on balancing the body but also the mind. This massage is deeply relaxing and can also be rejuvenating.

These massage movements and techniques can be adapted to suit your client, as they stimulate Chi and blood supply to assist in the body’s own healing processes. The massage is practised over clothes but can also be performed on the skin with oil.

There are many movements that the therapist will use including: pushing, brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing, rubbing and lifting. These movements are specifically used to attempt to open the body’s defensive chi and get the energy moving in the meridians and muscles.

This massage can be carried out in almost any setting or at any event, for a variety of treatment lengths.

All these courses can be booked through the following links:

https://www.gatewayworkshops.c... or https://www.gatewayworkshops.c...

About Kelly

Kelly is passionate about health and well-being and has been interested in massage and holistic therapies from an early age.

Kelly is a level 5 qualified Sports and Soft Tissue Therapist and business owner of Kelly Gazzard Sports Massage. Find out more on her Facebook page – click the link here.

She is passionate and enthusiastic about providing the very best quality of training working as a tutor for Gateway Workshops, sharing her knowledge and experience so that her students can reach their full potential.

For more information, please contact Kelly on 07871698267 or

Her courses are all advertised in the events pages.

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