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Geraldine Sea

Geraldine Mullan

Geraldine offers 1:1 Special Yoga at Maitri Studio

About Geraldine

Geraldine comes from a healthcare background and began sharing yoga practice in 2008. She has completed Level 1, Level 2 and Children's Yoga teacher training at YTTC as well as a 200 hour intensive training program with Yoga Union in Crete. She is particularly interested in relaxation techniques and completed studies in the self management of stress at Vyasa yoga academy in Singapore and has since taken Special Yoga training. Geraldine is developing her Special Yoga practice as she passionately believes it greatly benefits children with Special Needs bringing peace, balance and helping them connect to themselves. Her classes are designed to help the physical body and to promote healing on an emotional and mental level through gentle and simple practices.

Special Yoga

Geraldine currently offers in person 1:1 Special Yoga at Maitri Studio. Contact Geri directly to book: 07789 550494 or by email:

Read more about Special Yoga provided by Geri and Tory Campbell at Maitri Studio in our article here.

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