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David Brashaw

David brings his positive energy to Tuesday evenings sharing t'ai chi and qigong forms. No experience necessary

As an international martial arts competitor for over thirty years David has been teaching Yeung Tai Chi for six years. He takes pride in sharing positive energy to his students during practice, both in Qigong and Tai Chi form. His classes may help you with energy flow, balance, mobility, a range of health challenges and circulation.

About David

Known on the global stage for his karate forms, in 2009 David took up Tai Chi with Michele Gibson in Bangor. He quickly grew to love the Tai Chi forms and within a couple of years became an instructor. Over the last few years David has trained with Jim Uglow, renowned teacher for the Yeung Family and Shaolin Monk, Shi Yan Xiu. He combines the knowledge from these masters together with his competition forms experience to his Tai Chi teaching.

In addition to Tai Chi form and Qigong practice David will occasionally include some relaxing meditation at the end of a class. He will also take time to explain many of the martial arts applications that are within the Tai Chi forms.

David feels strongly about supporting students with rehabilitation, mobility exercises and mental wellbeing.


Details: Tuesdays 7.30 – 8.30pm

Room: Sunflower Room

Payment: £35 for four classes

Drop-in price: £10

Please make payments in advance as follows:

Bank Account: Mizukara

Ref: Your Name/September Classes

A/c No.: 83044766 Sort Code: 09-01-27

Please also email David on or call on 07760 337578 if you'd like more information or to check whether this class is suitable for you.

About Tai Chi & Qigong

The gentle art of Qigong is known to have been developed over five thousand years. The movements, developed for the flow of energy to heal and nourish the body have, over the last thirty years, been made popular around the world in Tai Chi classes.

Many people associate Tai Chi with older people in China. However, the practice is proven to be very beneficial for adults of all ages, both physically and mentally.

No prior experience is required to attend these classes.

Tai Chi (forms) are patterns of gentle flowing movements, initially designed as martial arts, but when practised regularly have been proven to be very beneficial for physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health. Tai Chi practice is suitable for adults of all ages.

Thousands of years ago in China it was realized that Qigong body movements together with various ways of breathing could help/adjust certain body functions. Since then, qi (chi) exercises have been used in Chinese medicine not only to prevent illness, but also in many cases reverse it.

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