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Danielle Cross Legged

Danielle McIlwaine

​Join Danielle for her weekly mellow yoga vinyasa flow class every Tuesday at 7.30pm and Thursday 6.30pm here at Maitri Studio


Mellow Yoga Vinyasa Flow class, suitable for all- Tuesdays 7.30pm and Thursdays 6.30pm

£18 for block of 3 classes or £7 drop-in, pay cash in class or contact Danielle for PayPal link.

About Danielle

"My love for yoga was born out of a need for understanding my own mental health, physical health and search for happiness. I tried working for the weekend, a psychology degree, 100s of Ted talks, dozens of self help books. When I was studying psychology, we had a topic of positive psychology where there was quite a bit on yoga, so I decided to give it a go. I found a beautifully curated dance of postures and breath. I never looked back. Not only has it helped me mentally, it has given me a profoundly better relationship with my body, what I put in my body and my relationships with others.

Vinyasa translates to step in a special way. To me that is a yoga practice in which each pose, each movement, each conscious breath has purpose & meaning.

I personally practice yogi to take me out of daily autopilot, to be present especially in times of darkness & struggle. My practice goes beyond the physical and teaches me not only how to bring more joy into my life but to deal with the shadow side of emotions and stress also.

Our body is the house we live in and the first door to looking within ourselves.

I have studied my own personal practice for four years and completed my 200hr teacher training in Flow Studio Belfast May 2018.

Yoga is creative practice, it should be fun and full of laughter, lovingly coming home to yourself. After all it is a practice."

Contact Danielle for more information or to book: or visit her Facebook page for more details.

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