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Danielle McIlwaine

Danielle teaches vinyasa flow, yin and pregnancy yoga and is completing her post-natal training currently.

Our body is the house we live in and the first door to looking within ourselves.

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga for mums-to-be in 2nd trimester. Currently on hold as Dani completes her post-natal training also.

Yoga during pregnancy can help ease discomfort and stress by adding strength, mobility and relaxation throughout your pregnancy and help increase the mother baby bond.

"The benefits of yoga during pregnancy are immeasurable.

Come practice some gentle movements aimed at keeping mother's bodies healthy, exploring relaxation and learning about underappreciated female anatomy. No prior experience needed.

Pregnancy yoga aims to give women the tools to help with sleep, relieve stress, keeping healthy joints and bloodflow through gentle person led poses, relieve minor symptoms and aches, promote bonding with mother and baby, promote a supportive space and community among other pregnant women and to feel more informed and confident in birthing their babies."

Contact Danielle directly for more information or to book at or visit her Facebook page.

Post-natal yoga

Dani is seeking mums and babies to join a postnatal class for three weeks in March/April 2023, likely either Wednesdays 6pm or Saturday afternoons. Contact Danielle directly for information, details above.

Please be reassured that Danielle is fully insured to teach while she is completing her training - she has already gained experience and is working with a mentor as well. She has several years experience as a yoga teacher for adults already.

About Danielle

My own yoga journey began with a need to understand my own mental health, to help myself and others, in which I studied psychology which lead me to positive psychology, which consisted of mindfulness and practices such as yoga. I very much had a disembodied body and an over active mind. Reading about mindfulness and yoga, it was the only thing that spoke to me, I wanted to thrive, be self sufficient and proactive in my own wellbeing. I quickly learned that "wellbeing" has many layers and needs a multidimensional approach and my yoga practice taught me that my mind and body both need equal care and are connected. It has helped me bolster my life outside the yoga class and gave me wonderful community and connection. I hope others can take what they need from the practice, whether the physical, mental or stress relieving benefits.

I started my own personal practice in January 2014, never looked back and completed my 200hr teacher training in Flow Studio Belfast May 2018. Finished my Level 1 and 2 Yin Yoga Training Jan and Dec 2019. 21 hours advanced training with the Celtic school of yoga, "the power of your voice" Sept 2019. Level 3 Trauma informed Yin Yoga training Oct 2021. Currently completing Birthlight pregnancy and post-natal yoga training (2023).

"Yoga is creative practice, it should be fun and full of laughter, lovingly coming home to yourself. After all it is just practice."

Dani also offers a donation based class on Saturdays at 11.00am at St Matthew's Church Hall, Shankill Road. Currently online, contact for details.

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