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Danielle McIlwaine

​Join Danielle for her weekly yin yoga class every Tuesday at 6pm here at Maitri Studio

Our body is the house we live in and the first door to looking within ourselves.


Weekly yin yoga class, suitable for all on Tuesdays 6pm in person at Maitri Studio.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is accessible to both beginners, experienced yogis and all levels of fitness, age and body types. This practice is made to fit your unique person, with lots of variations and props to get the best experience for you.

In a yin class we practice function over form and feeling over thinking, our bodies are the entry point being consistently in the present moment. A lot different from our active or aesthetic types of yoga, exercise and/or busy lifestyles, it compliments with a slower and more inward motivation. A class consists of a simple format, a pose in which we stay in for a while, a targeted area(s) in that pose and feeling into that sensation. Finally each pose will have a rebound pose, a neutral inactive pause between each pose to allow the body to digest.

Yin yoga can benefit on many layers, working on connective tissues, muscles and joints to increase and restore functional movement in the body, time to destress and digest our busy lives on a mental, emotional and energetic level, and become better in-tuned with our selves physically and mentally.

Investment: £7 drop in or £36 for a 6 week block (pass available valid 2 months). You can pay cash in class or contact Danielle for PayPal link.

Contact Danielle directly for more information or to book at or visit her Facebook page.

Dani also offers a donation based class on Saturdays at 11.00am at St Matthew's Church Hall, Shankill Road. Currently online, contact for details.

About Danielle

My own yoga journey began with a need to understand my own mental health, to help myself and others, in which I studied psychology which lead me to positive psychology, which consisted of mindfulness and practices such as yoga. I very much had a disembodied body and an over active mind. Reading about mindfulness and yoga, it was the only thing that spoke to me, I wanted to thrive, be self sufficient and proactive in my own wellbeing. I quickly learned that "wellbeing" has many layers and needs a multidimensional approach and my yoga practice taught me that my mind and body both need equal care and are connected. It has helped me bolster my life outside the yoga class and gave me wonderful community and connection. I hope others can take what they need from the practice also.

I have studied my own personal practice for 7 years and completed my 200hr teacher training in Flow Studio Belfast May 2018. Finished my Level 1 and 2 Yin Yoga Training Jan and Dec 2019. 21 hours advanced training with the Celtic school of yoga, "the power of your voice" Sept 2019. Level 3 Trauma informed Yin Yoga training Oct 2021.

Yoga is creative practice, it should be fun and full of laughter, lovingly coming home to yourself. After all it is just practice."

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