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Daniel Donciu

Daniel Donciu

Daniel offers shamanic healing therapies that can help to heal the physical body and that can bring balance and peace to one's life. These therapies help individuals to reconnect with themselves and to improve the way they interract with everything and everyone in their life.

Daniel has been practicing shamanic healing for a couple of years. He has been training in Cork with his teacher Rajinder Singh. Daniel has been working in IT as a software engineer for the past 15 years. He has started to walk the shamanic path 5 years ago when he had his first shamanic trip to Peru. Ever since that trip Daniel has been more and more drawn to the shamanic ways and decided, to follow this new path and started his shamanic training in Cork.

His healing path has brought him closer to himself, helping him to heal from depression, anxiety and anger and also from constant fatigue which he had been struggling with for many years. He also feels that his shamanic healing journey has helped him become a better man, a happier individual who can now appreciate life and can now have again dreams about his future.

Daniel's healing journey has inspired him to help others heal, become happier, and to be more close to their true nature.

Please contact Daniel on 07490397437 if interested to book therapy sessions with him at Maitri Studio.

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