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Caroline Boyle Headshot

Caroline Boyle

Caroline is passionate about helping people discover that they have the power and ability to change their lives

Through her own life journey, she has learnt to ask the right questions, listen to each unique life experience and make connections. Caroline believes that each person has an innate ability to heal themselves and creates a space for this to start.

Why reflexology? 

Reflexology is a natural form of healing that is a non-invasive and simple treatment.

It works alongside conventional medical care, helping to rebalance your body to achieve healing and well-being in a relaxing and rejuvenating therapeutic way. It releases tension, restores energy levels, and improves sleep, helping you to feel emotionally and physically stronger.

By applying pressure to reflexes on the feet with thumbs and fingers, reflexology initiates a beneficial response in a corresponding area of the body, incorporating meridian points (acupuncture points) and advanced techniques to encourage you to achieve ‘homeostasis’. All the systems of the body are worked on through the feet; musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, nervous, and lymphatic.

Everyone can benefit from reflexology and it is suitable for all ages. Whether you are suffering from stress brought on by work, home life, just being too busy, bereavement or trauma, or need help with recovery and rehabilitation following an injury, treatment or surgery, Caroline will work closely with you to aid recuperation.

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