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Source Pilates - now fully at Maitri Studio!

  • by Christine Bowen - Oct 25, 2022

We're so happy for Christine as she takes the next steps with her own business, Source Pilates, and also thrilled that she's staying with us here at Maitri Studio. Read on for more about Christine's story in her own words and what she's offering here.


I’m super excited to let you know that Source Pilates is now at Maitri Studio full-time 🥳

This means that I have more time to focus on helping more people feel the benefits of Pilates so they feel good in their bodies to be able to do more of what they love in the rest of their life. This is why I do what I do!

How did I get here?

As some of my long-time students will know, until this point I have always had a full-time or part-time job alongside teaching Pilates. At some point you have to stop waiting for the perfect moment to do things and make the leap. There will never be a perfect time. I’m sure you can relate to this with something in your life too?

So, now is the time, and the good news is that it means that I have more options available for when you can do Pilates now too. It’s a win-win 🙌

This December it will be my 10 year anniversary of getting my original Pilates certification and it’s been a winding and eventful journey to get to this point! More about that here if you’re interested.

It hasn’t always been easy but it has been worth it.

Pilates has enhanced my life in so many ways. From the benefits of Pilates itself, which helped me manage the back pain and sciatica of my mid-late 20s to bringing some amazing friends into my life and big life experiences.

I too have spent my fair share of time behind a computer. I worked in the arts sector for nearly 15 years in events and venues, including The MAC, and in more recent years being fully office based with Thrive Audience Development. Pilates helped me counteract all those years of being an office worker — tight hips, shoulders and upper back...anyone else know this feeling?

I haven’t fully escaped my computer...yet! Especially as I’ve been doing a lot of work recently to get my online booking system live and, of course, having a business isn’t just the fun times I get to spend guiding you in your Pilates practice.

Why Maitri?

I’m so grateful to the wonderful Claire and Geoff for their support over the years and for creating this great space in East Belfast that I get to call home.

Maitri Studio is such a warm and welcoming studio with great teachers offering lots of options to support your health and wellbeing. I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

I originally started teaching my mat classes from Maitri in 2016. I was beyond delighted when I had the chance to have Lily room all for myself in July 2020 to create a dedicated home for my business and bring my rather substantial pieces of Pilates equipment with me.

Come in for a session to meet your new friends — the reformer, tower unit, spine corrector and lots of other fun things to work your whole body from your head to your feet. Yes, I’ve even got such wonderful gizmos as a toe exerciser and a foot corrector. With the equipment I can help you take your Pilates practice to the next level with a little help from your ‘Pilates friends’.

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to build a home for Classical Pilates in Belfast at Maitri Studio. If you'd like to know more about what Classical Pilates is and how it helps you to create flow and become more independent in your workouts, you can find more information on my website here.

What’s next for Source Pilates?

Although I say I’m finally jumping into teaching Pilates full-time, the truth is it has already been a significant part of my life for pretty much 10 years. I just now get to be fully immersed without a part-time job needing my attention too. I have further ambitions and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow Source Pilates from Maitri Studio.

Let’s play

There are lots of options for your Pilates playtime.

Mat classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays with options for beginners and Pilates regulars. The new class terms start from Tuesday 1 November. More info and booking here.

As Pilates is so much more than just the mat exercises, check out my new student offers if you want to experience more of what Pilates has to offer.

I’ve an intro offer for 3 private sessions to focus on your needs and goals using everyone’s favourite piece of Pilates equipment - the reformer - the tower unit, and more.

I’ve got a duet session trial offer if you want personal training with a friend. Duet sessions are a workout for you and your friend that is tailored to what each of you need individually — think mat exercises and fun with the smaller Pilates equipment like spine correctors (your tight hips and shoulders with thank you for this!), magic circles and weights.

Ways to keep in touch

You’ll find lots more info about how I can help you at

Join my mailing list to keep up-to-date with all my latest news, priority booking for my class terms and Pilates tips.

Follow me on Facebook and there's more about me and my classes on my profile page here on the Maitri website.

I look forward to seeing you around Maitri Studio, please say hi!


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