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Sit@Maitri - group meditation

  • by Claire Ferry - Jan 23, 2018


Many of the teachers and therapists at Maitri Studio also have their own meditation or mindfulness practice. We felt it would be lovely to share this practice together in a group and with you so we are establishing Sit@Maitri.

This will be in the form of regular 'sits' where the group can meditate in silence while sitting and in some cases with a short walking section. 

These sessions will not be taught, other than a brief description of posture and breath awareness for any beginners who are present. Instead this is a chance to sit in silence with your own meditation, mindfulness or prayerful practice, benefiting from the support that arises through sitting with a group. There will be a facilitator present at all sits, all of whom are existing teachers or therapists at Maitri Studio. Booking is not required so you can just drop-in. 

Voluntary donations will be gratefully received towards the rent and heating of the room and use of equipment at Maitri Studio. 

We are not sure what times will suit people so we will start with an 8-week trial of the following times. We can then review what works for people and we can adjust from there. 

  • Tuesdays 12.45-1.30pm - a 45 minute lunchtime session (Sunflower room)
  • Wednesdays 9.15-10pm - a 45 minute evening session (Maple room), also following yoga classes that end at 8.45pm (Oonagh) and 9pm (Claire)
  • Fridays 7.45-8.30am - a 45 minute early morning session (Sunflower room)
  • Saturdays 8.30-9.30am - an hour's morning session (Sunflower room), also prior to yoga at 10am.

Sessions will start in the week beginning 5 February 2018 and run initially until the end of March (Easter weekend), when we will review before continuing in the late spring/summer term. 

We look forward to sharing this with you, in the sincere wish that we can support each other finding our calm spaces. 

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