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Rain Beach

Morning mandala

  • Apr 26, 2016

I am able to rejoice at the end of a week by starting Fridays with an early morning flow yoga practice. Last week was no different. I arrive at the studio ahead of time, revelling in bright sunshine. The mats are already set up for yoga in the round, making the session a collaborative experience, with flowers and a candle at the centre. We form a mandala.

It's full moon time so Rain encourages us to embrace lunar, soft energy. We glide into sphinx and cobra instead of chaturanga dandasana in the vinyasa, opening the heart to the earth and sky. I've attended when there are only three people there, or in larger groups. The level of experience doesn't matter and each person just attempts what they feel ready for. We step and swing, flow and dance according to how our bodies feel, ever attentive to the breath. This is not just for dancers either - stiff or supple, old or young, male or female - or giving up all dichotomies it's for just anyone and everyone.

This morning we are three: blonde, brunette and black-haired; petite, sporty and hourglass figured; pale, rosy and olive-skinned. And coincidentally all in shades of light and dark blue, like the water Rain describes as the fluidity through our poses. With the music all around I feel like a fish in a musical sea, a bird in a liquid sky. Different from my usual Iyengar practice but no less absorbing. 

Why not join us and make the most of these sunrise mornings? Find your energy to carry you through the day and into the weekend. Check out Rain's page and come along Fridays 7.15-8.30am, drop-ins welcome. 

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