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Gong bath delights

  • Mar 15, 2016

Tinkling chimes cascaded around me so I felt like light on water, sparkling and iridescent. Then a sound like a shaking of seashells pulled me upwards from the depths of my relaxed state to fill my body again, making me aware of the sensations from my skin. While I was aware consciously that I was in a plain studio room at Maitri, with distant sounds of traffic and from the artist's studio next door, I felt like I was in a spring garden: deep earthy soil, established trees, green shoots, yellow flowers. 

I've been to sound baths before, but not one with Lisa & Brian nor with so much use of the gongs. The physicality of the gongs, with their visceral impact through my body, reverberating in my limbs and organs, felt like a massage. Lisa's right when she says that when the body is feeling, it's not thinking, giving the brain (or at least the active, ego-driven, list-making mind) a rest. 

It was the sense of real care that made it particularly special, with Lisa and Brian moving among us and pouring sounds directly over our bodies. I remember a shining sound passing between my temples (or so it felt), and the rinsing of a rain stick down my limbs. I responded to deep crescendoing gongs with deep inhalations. And let my imagination run with the colours and images that arose, this time all about nature, coincident with the beautiful spring day and my earlier walk in Ormeau Park. 

Listen to an interview with Lisa and Brian here, and then make sure you put the next dates in your diary. Tessa also does sound baths at Maitri Studio, again happily recommended. 

Claire Ferry

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