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Kettlebells Feature

Evoke your inner warrior goddess

  • Jan 26, 2016

An article from Lisa Barwise, who brings her kettlebells, nutrition and marketing skill to Maitri.

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be an Amazon warrior goddess like the Amazons and warriors from ancient myths and legends.  Boudica, Morgan, Freya… and even Xena Warrior Princess!

Bit hard when you are only 5ft.

But that feeling of wanting to be strong, lean and empowered doesn’t have to come from your size or even your body.  It can come from your mind.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lisa Barwise.  Known to some as the Fairy Ninja, a nickname that seems to be sticking, I am a holistic health coach and personal trainer and I love kettlebells.

And I think after reading this you will too!

Whether you have never had aspirations to be a Amazonian goddess or a superhero (I want to be one of them too), we can at least come together wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. To want our life’s vehicle, our bodies, to be fit for purpose and to be strong.

I believe true fitness comes down to strength, flexibility and endurance.

Strength - all about being strong in your body but not just ‘muscle head’ strong. I mean functionally strong.  Being able to carry your shopping bags, pick up the kids and put your carry-on luggage in the overhead bins (which I did for the first time last year all by myself - again quite a feat for a 5ft fairy ninja with a 15kg bag)!

Flexibility- a full range of movement of the joints and muscles for mobility, the ultimate function of movement, bringing that feeling of wellbeing and to safeguard against injury.

Endurance - also known as cardiovascular fitness… you know that ability to walk up the stairs and not be out of breath or take long walks with the dog or run around after the kids or grandkids without falling into a heap on floor.  Also high intensity style training burns more calories for fast fatloss.

Now, let me tell you why you are going to love my Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Classes.  They tick all 3 boxes.  Yep.  And they do it in style.  Why? Because they do it really efficiently so you don’t have to do hours and hours.  In fact, 3 x 20 minute workouts are better than 5 hours a week and you will see major changes and progress.

What’s in a class…

I do things a little differently than usual fitness professionals and personal trainers.

Classes are a combination between strength training, martial arts and yoga-inspired moves, high intensity and high energy and finished off with mindful meditation and some raw vegan snacks.

Like a holistic but fun and sweaty class.

The first question I get asked is, what if I am unfit or not strong enough?  Well that is why I created the 6 week beginners programme, to build you up in a way that is both progressive but doable and leaving you feel empowered not defeated.

So now you know why I love kettlebells…. Could you love them too?

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