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Skye 6
This event has now passed. Please visit our current events.

Life Drawings with artist Skye Bompas (July 2019)

  • Date: Jul 18, 2019
  • Time: 1-3pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio Belfast
  • Room: Sunflower

Thank you for the wonderful turn out to Life Drawing of the Artist Way. So good to have so many examples of our wonderful model.

This week we have Life Drawing of a NonBinary Femme.

.As anyone who has come to the session before, and for those new to this concept, the event is called "The Life Drawing Of....", whereby the model is central to the theme, and the '....' represents their chosen self subject, focus, moniker, profession, or the like i.e. we have been honoured to have already painted, and experienced such diversity as " The Life Drawing Of: A Doctor, A Musician, A Swamp Demon etc. the List goes on. . I will be holding these from July 4th, and subsequently, every 2nd Thursday from 1-3pm

Therefore I am accepting sign ups for the July sessions now, that is the 4th, 18th and August 1st, and would be delighted by your presence and energy.

Exited to announce our second model for the season. we will be changing the pace for this class as the model is a professional. Please bring space paper for the quick poses, There shall still be a long going pose in the end for those of you who are used to drawing from photos.:

"I'm Joni, an experienced life model and Non-binary Portrait artist who uses feminine poses for a traditionally male body. Came out as Non-binary Femme 3 years ago and started embracing my feminine nature last year after my heart gave out on me and I died for the shortest of times... Twice. There's nothing like dying to make you live the life as yourself.


Admission to the class is an advised donation of £20,
However I shall be using a donations based model, and all are welcome to participate, whatever they can manage, the unemployed, students, couples, and those who have less.

I have had quite a few issues with my pricing, having fluctuated in an attempt to increase the sessions appeal, i have enormous belief and confidence in the concept, myself, my models, and my participating clients, are here to achieve. This is a unique session, where the painter and painted cross a threshold, where the model gives their story, their personal unique self. It is for this reason that I have decided to attempt a new pricing model, to encourage uptake, as more important than all things is that the model is painted, and the energy in numbers increases the more work produced, so that the time shared is best capitalised upon, and that a commune of souls is achieved, something truly special occurs in such an intimate and powerful, open, setting. They offer their time, their energy, as do the painters. I also share my time, provide the space, and organisation, and also direction where required or needed. I shall test and try a donation based model, with £20 as the advised payment, to keep the project going.

In these life study classes I aim to offer something you won't find in other workshops.

My "models" are people who, for most it will be there first time being naked and observed. As I said above a special experience for both the model, and the artists. For their comfort they choose the blankets, music and props. This also allows us, the Artists, to be immersed into their world. The music varies, the Models own choice of atmosphere, be prepared for it, allow it alter the way you paint or draw.

Once the class is over the Muse will give a brief history of themselves, What they thought of the experience, How they came to this point and how they feel about the body, the nude.

All levels of Artists welcome. I can offer some instruction and guidance in proportions and speeding up if needed.

Any ART donations for them to keep will be much appreciated.

If you have modelled before and haven't attended the class to draw or you are interested in posing please get in touch.

Chairs, tables and limited easels are available. Please bring own art supplies.

Location: Maitri Studio
Investment: Donation (£20 advised)
Date: Thursday 18th July
Time: 1-3 pm

Please contact me on my email or phone
078 0945 6178

Thank you profoundly for your ongoing support, without which, truly, this experience would not be possible.
With Love,
Skye C. Bompas


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