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Innerdance March2023

INNERDANCE: kundalini awakening journey

  • Date: Apr 04, 2023
  • Time: 7.15-9.15pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio Belfast
  • Room: Sunflower

An embodied meditation, transmission, exploration & healing deepening into your life force as the sacred source of all your ecstasy, innocence & wisdom with Rachael Nitya.

A 2 hour taster solo journey on Tues 4th April 7:15-9:15pm.

Experiences may include your body moving through:

  • Spontaneous ecstatic, healing or meditative movement
  • Emotional catharsis
  • Energy flow and healing or visuals experiences
“A profound experience that cannot be must try it for yourself to understand. This experience has opened my mind to many new things I would never otherwise thought possible.” Scott Willis, Northern Ireland.


Rachael Nitya explains:

"We start and end in sharing circle. For the journey you lie down on your own mat and relax. I support with activation through energetic and physical touch, as well as guiding words and music activating different brain wave frequencies / states of consciousness.

The group field interconnects us and amplifies our presence. I offer a safe and compassionate space of empowerment where everything is welcome and nothing is expected or needed.

You can experience a space between non-doing and allowing/effortless doing. This is the balance, or play of masculine directionality/intention with feminine flow, which lives in each of us. They are in-form-ed by each other in every moment. The yin and yang inside each other.

This is your space to let yourself be fully, to surrender to the divine within."


  • Arrive 10 min before to start on time
  • Bring a yoga mat & water bottle
  • Wear layers that are warm, comfy and easy to move in - it is better not to use a blanket so jumpers and warm socks are preferable
  • Don't eat at least 2h before (eating raw fruits/veg or even fasting if you have experience - please do not fast if you don't have experience - this allows the energy to move more freely)


Tues 4th April 7:15-9:15pm at Maitri Studio Belfast

Energy exchange is £25 per session

or 2 people for £40 per session

or 2 sessions for £40 per person (also taking place in Ballyclare, ask Rachael for information)

Places are limited so reserve your place in advance through sign up and payment here:

Any questions email or contact her on +44 7872 020039


Rachael is also offering a full day immersion on Saturday 29th April 10am-7pm at Maitri.


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