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Innerdance March2023

INNERDANCE: kundalini awakening journey day retreat

  • Date: Apr 29, 2023
  • Time: 10am-7pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio Belfast
  • Room: Sunflower

An embodied meditation, transmission, exploration & healing deepening into your life force as the sacred source of all your ecstasy, innocence & wisdom with Rachael Nitya.

A full day retreat solo journey on Saturday 29th April 10am-7pm.

Experiences may include your body moving through:

  • Spontaneous ecstatic, healing or meditative movement
  • Emotional catharsis
  • Energy flow and healing or visuals experiences
“Such a beautiful, blissful, deep, juicy, wild, RAW experience. Rachael is an absolutely gorgeous soul, so full of life force energy, and an amazing facilitator. I recommend this experience with every fibre of my being…If you are feeling called at all....just do it, you won't regret it.” Ruth McGilligan


Rachael Nitya explains:

"We start and end in sharing circle. For the journey you lie down on your own mat and relax. I support with activation through energetic and physical touch, as well as guiding words and music activating different brain wave frequencies / states of consciousness.

The group field interconnects us and amplifies our presence. I offer a safe and compassionate space of empowerment where everything is welcome and nothing is expected or needed.

You can experience a space between non-doing and allowing/effortless doing. This is the balance, or play of masculine directionality/intention with feminine flow, which lives in each of us. They are in-form-ed by each other in every moment. The yin and yang inside each other.

This is your space to let yourself be fully, to surrender to the divine within."

"We will have a solo journey, but also explore:

  • Duo/partner practice - learning and practicing facilitating / supporting each other with energy work and presence in partners.
  • Group practice - open flow & structured practices - Interaction from this divine/authentic flow space within a container of compassion, curiosity and openness - what is it like to be with each other in interaction this way?

This is a safe container to practice going beyond ego and conditioning, towards our true spontaneity through spirit/life force, in a way that we can bring into our daily lives more and more. Only by feeling safe, in trust and integrity with ourselves can we be truly ourselves, truly free and able to offer the miracle we are, feel the infinite LOVE that courses through us from SOURCE, and express the gifts that we are here to offer to life, ourselves and each other. We are CREATORS. We are CREATION. We are LIFE ITSELF evolving."


  • Arrive 10 min before to start on time
  • Bring a yoga mat & water bottle
  • Wear layers that are warm, comfy and easy to move in - it is better not to use a blanket so jumpers and warm socks are preferable
  • Don't eat at least 2h before (eating raw fruits/veg or even fasting if you have experience - please do not fast if you don't have experience - this allows the energy to move more freely)


Sliding scale of £60-£100 giving what feels good for you from the heart.

Places are limited so reserve your place in advance through sign up and payment here:

Any questions email or contact her on +44 7872 020039


Not quite sure whether to sign up for a full day? Try Rachael's taster workshop on 4th April.


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