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Erika Gagnon Healing Talk Tobacco Ceremony 10 07 2019
This event has now passed. Please visit our current events.

Healing talk & tobacco ceremony

  • Date: Jul 10, 2019
  • Time: 7-10pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio
  • Room: Sunflower

NB. Maitri Studio Ltd rents rooms to teachers and facilitators holding events. We do not take any responsibility for their teaching or event content. All teachers are asked to provide evidence of their qualifications, public liability and professional indemnity insurance to teach.

“Healing Wisdom of the Americas” - Talk & Ceremony
Wednesday 10th July, 7pm-10pm

(Please register from 6:30pm, as Erika would like to start promptly at 7pm)

Join Erika Gagnon for a healing talk focused on traditional wisdom & ceremonies of the Americas, plant medicines, sacred altars, ancestral lineage, the origins of dis-ease in our physical, mental & spiritual bodies and how to transform & transmute toxic thoughts & destructive energies in ourselves. Erika will also share personal healing practices you can incorporate directly into your daily life.

Following the talk, you will be given the opportunity to participate in a traditional South American liquid tobacco ceremony called “Singado”, where we will work with Nicotina Rustica, commonly known as “Mapacho”, to help heal, cleanse & release old blockages, unhealthy patterns, memories and traumas. Tobacco is one of the most powerful native plant medicines, which is also why it is one of the most abused on the planet, and should only be used with deep respect and healing intention. This sacred plant medicine spirit offers clarity, balance & grounding, as it helps to re-align your body, mind & spirit.

This ceremony is optional, and you can decide whether or not to participate once you have heard the talk and the instructions.

LIMITED SPACES: Please reserve your spot by contacting Deirdre on (+353) 87 4157541

SUGGESTED DONATION: £40 (No one turned away for lack of funds) Your contribution helps to cover general expenses and helps ensure that we can continue to offer these healing ceremonies in the future. Your personal donation represents gratitude & reciprocity for the healing shared. Thank you.

BIOGRAPHY: Erika Gagnon is a Canadian ceremonial leader & wisdom keeper of mixed race ancestry, who has walked the “ Camino Rojo/Red Road ” for 24 years, where she worked with Indigenous elders of North & South America and their ceremonies, traditions & medicinal plants. She has walked through the altars of the Vision Quest, Sun Dance and Danza de los Epiritus, and has the blessing of her elders to continue their traditions and lead Temazcal (sweat lodges), water blessing, tobacco and other healing ceremonies.

There are many physical and spiritual benefits to tobacco, all of which will be discussed in the talk. Medical contraindications include: brain tumour, extreme high blood pressure, high intra ocular pressure (cataracts, glaucoma), migraine,vertigo, menieres disease, sinus, pregnancy, and/or serious allergies to the nose, eyes, throat or skin, and a serious allergy to tobacco or any other plants in the nightshade family: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers etc… This does not necessarily mean you cannot participate but we suggest you talk to Erika beforehand. For those who prefer not to work with the tobacco, Agua Florida, a Peruvian flower water will be offered.

For all enquiries please text or call Deirdre on (+353) 87 4157541 or via Facebook messenger with R & R Therapies.

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