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Christophe Mouze Morning Sit
This event has now passed. Please visit our current events.

CANCELLED: Freeing the Breath with Christophe Mouze (November 2019)

  • Date: Nov 10, 2019
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio
  • Room: Lotus

Freeing the Breath - one day yoga & meditation workshop

This workshop is designed for students with some experience of yoga or meditation who wish to broaden their practice by exploring different ways of practising with the breath. It introduces a unique approach to breathwork, drawing from both the Buddhist perspective exposed in the anapanasati suta and from Christophe's extensive study and practice of vinyasa and pranayama.

Cost and booking:

Book online on our 'buy class passes' section and choose the ticket price you would like to volunteer from the drop-down menu. Normal price for a day workshop like this is £50. We have offered a concessionary rate of £25 if money is a barrier to attendance.

More information:

Yogis have explored for centuries the links between mind and breath. Modern scientific research is catching up on this as well. A recent study demonstrated that the way we breathe directly affects the chemistry of our brains in a way that can enhance our attention and improve our brain health, while another demonstrated that the link breath and emotion is a two way street and that regular breathing practice can helps us manage our emotional responses.

In the Sati yoga approach, before we start training the breath, we get acquainted with our natural breath through the practice of anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing). Through anapanasati practice, we become intimate with our breath, learning to recognise its patterns and observing how it affects both body and mind. We then learn to practice actively with the breath through classical yoga exercises, and develop these two breath based practices together, as they complement and enrich one another. Through the physical practices of yoga, we learn how to use the breath to energise or calm body and mind as needed, and to manage our emotional responses more efficiently. Regular pranayama practice helps us correct unhelpful breathing patterns and to breathe more freely and completely. It also helps to develop better concentration. This deeper concentration is used in anapanasati practice to further deepen our understanding of the breath and to foster inner peace, tranquility and balance.

This day long workshop includes anapanasati, pranayama and vinyasa practices. There will also be plenty of time for questions and for this reason, the number of participants is limited. Bring a vegetarian dish to share with the group, as we'll have lunch together.

About Christophe

Christophe started studying and practicing yoga daily in Ireland in 1994. He originally trained as an Iyengar teacher, gaining his introductory certificate in 1998, but his practice and teaching have since been influenced by a number of other yoga styles, particularly ashtanga vinyasa and the Atma vikasa style of Venkatesh, his main teacher for many years.

He also has a keen interest in pranayama which he has studied with a number of senior teachers in Europe and India. Early on, his quest for a broader, more balanced practice led him to study Buddhist teachings on ethics, mindfulness and meditation, and he regularly attend retreats in Buddhist centres and monasteries throughout Europe. He has developed a safe and systematic approach to breathwork with draws from both yoga and mindfulness of breathing practices and has been teaching this approach to students of all levels, from beginners to experienced teachers and teacher trainers, for a number of years. Christophe is certified by the Independant Yoga Network as a senior (1000 hours) teacher.

With his partner Ciara, he runs a farm and a retreat centre on Clare Island, a small island off the cost of County Mayo in Ireland. Christophe and Ciara are the founders of the Sati yoga approach, which weaves together yoga and mindfulness practices.

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