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Braving The Edge
This event has now passed. Please visit our current events.

Braving the edge - for yintermediate yinsters

  • Date: Feb 23, 2019
  • Time: 2-5pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio
  • Room: Sunflower

Alignments! Adjustments! Answers! And a juicy practice to bring you deeper!

There you are, settled into your pose. The feelings and sensations in your target area are rising. This is what you have been preparing for! Deep breath, how long could this possibly last ... It's only going to be another minute.. What?! Did she just say 5 more minutes? Just breathe and feel!

Looking at some of my students' faces, this is the only thought process I can imagine. What comes after the physical sensation? How can we access a safe space for mental and emotional transformation? What are these meridians and why do I keep talking about them? How can we work with our energy lines in practical ways?

These are just some of the questions I get asked over and over by my students. While we find answers there and then when possible, a yin class is really for exploration not extensive mind stimulation as such. Therefore I always want to honour the beauty of this space in class rather than interrupt the process if I can! And most students come for exactly that: a safe space to dive Yinto the stillness.

Curious to dive even deeper with yin? Come and explore some juicy poses (and variations thereof), ask your questions, and figure out what you need to make the most out of your home practice. We'll also look into different ways to adjust yourself and others (maybe even your students?) in a yin-like fashion.

Once all the bodily stuff is figured out: join me on an adventure to your edge. Let me guide you through the fog of emotions and thoughts and assist you in meeting yourself on all levels. Be brave... enjoy the rewards!!

Though this is an intermediate workshop, extensive athleticism is not required. Our space is one of inclusion - all bodies, ages, shapes and orientations are welcome. I'm looking forward to sharing my beloved yin with you!

£25 per person or £20 bring a friend. or 07460821815.


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