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This event has now passed. Please visit our current events.

Agama tantric hatha yoga

  • Date: Nov 13, 2017
  • Time: 6-7.30pm
  • Venue: Maitri Studio
  • Room: Sunflower

Ever wanted to learn how to perceive, transform and direct subtle energies in the body?

Would you like to amplify qualities within you such as:

vitality, creativity, self confidence, control, self compassion, love, inner balance, expression, intuition, clarity, focus, peace of mind, and spiritual connection?

Do you wish to understand and apply ancient wisdom that underpins physical yoga practice, for your own evolution?

Welcome to a practice where "conscious energy matters." In this course you will get to know ourselves on the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, as well as the physical. During these sessions you will explore, experience, evolve with:

  • physical and meditative asana practice
  • focus on chakras and energies
  • complementary ancient spiritual yogic philosophy
  • pranayama for purification and control of energy
  • alchemical “sublimation” of energy: raising your vital energies up to higher consciousness
  • meditation practices for mastery of the mind 
  • information on self healing on physical, emotional and mental level - yantra, mantra and purification techniques

What do you receive from the classes?

  • genuine traditional yogic techniques and knowledge for self realisation and healing with exclusive video talks on ancient yogic philosophy before each class for discussion in class
  • course papers to take home, on asanas in each class, including healing effects, related chakra information and energy flows 
  • amazing feelings of expansion and harmony: physically, emotionally and mentally!

Classes run every Monday 6 – 7.30pm from 13th Nov - 18th Dec 2017.

First session is bring a friend for free! and costs only £9 between you. After that, the next five classes are £40 or £9 drop in.

Contact Rachell to book on, 07872020039 or via Facebook.

So with this enthusiasm and abundance, I look forward to sharing more with you in these exciting classes!

Love and joy Rachael

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