Patricia Lübeck

Patricia is an International Reiki Master Trainer and offers treatments at Maitri Studio

Receive a powerful and caring Reiki treatment by international Reiki Master Teacher Patricia Lübeck.

Patricia has trained in a number of complimentary therapies and loves passing her knowledge onto her students and clients. You can connect with her for a healing session at her forthcoming clinic.

Reiki clinic - 20th August

This all-day Reiki clinic is the first event of the new Reiki @Maitri setup. Starting with Patricia, Reiki healing at Maitri will eventually be a project involving many different Reiki healers, teachers, and students!

Come and find out more!

Treatment slots have to be pre-booked via or 07460 821815.

Special Introductory Offer: £10 for 30 mins, £20 for 60 mins (Usual charge £30 for 60 mins)

Patricia will be running the Reiki healing evening on 20th August - click here for more information

She will also deliver a six-week Reiki training course starting 10th September.

Read more about Reiki in general on Patricia's instructor page.

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